Do tell… what do you want?

I have waited an entire lifetime for that special someone to ask me that most divine, eagerly anticipated question (no, I am not talking about a marriage proposal). I’m talking about four simple delightful and delectable words, to simply be asked… What do you want?

Sigh…and the fantasy doesn’t end there, no siree; this question is quickly followed by another… How can I make your life easier? By this point I expect I will be in a near state of rapture but best of all, this angel from the heavens sprouting such words of bliss will listen to my replies and do whatever it takes to ensure my requests are addressed. Alas, my dream may not be realised in the foreseeable future but I can give this fantasy to you.

As the newly appointed editor of CW I am here to produce a magazine that addresses your needs, makes your working life easier and covers the issues rated by you, the reader, as important.

But I cannot do this without your participation, without you letting me know what topics are relevant and how best to fill these pages with informative and interesting stories. It is your valuable input and guidance that will keep the editorial team on course, so please feel free to drop me an e-mail at any time.

Allow CW to be your voice to industry and I promise that together we shall set a hectic pace. Hell, if I was an IT professional I would certainly want to make plenty of noise. To reach this page of the magazine you have had to digest more than a fair share of nasties. For example, Australia’s IT unemployment rate is 77 percent higher than the national jobless average. So if you are lucky enough to have secure employment you are no doubt struggling with spiralling maintenance costs from your ERP vendor or debating the complexities of offshore outsourcing.

Whatever is making your life difficult this week, I do know one subject that sets your heart on fire and that is the SCO Group’s attempts to collect licence fees from Linux users. CW’s online poll asking readers if they were planning to buy an IP licence from SCO set an all-time record! More than 80 percent of respondents, or a whopping 500 readers, clearly stated they would not buy a licence under any circumstances even if they are threatened with court action. Only 3 percent said there were plans under way to purchase a licence, so it is a safe bet to say most readers don’t approve of the SCO shenanigans, but what else sets your heart on fire, do tell…What do you want?

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