Mandrake energised for drive toward global Linux adoption

"Mandrakelinx 10.0 Community" has just been released, which the company claims is "the first major Linux distribution to take advantage of the new Linux kernel 2.6 while providing one of the most easy to use and attractive Linux operating systems ever."

Mandrakelinux 10.0, says Francois Bancilhon, CEO of Mandrakesoft, "marks the beginning of a re-energised drive by Mandrakesoft to achieve worldwide Linux adoption."

Fighting talk.

"We believe that Mandrakelinux 10.0 will be seen as the perfect example of a Linux product that individuals and corporations need to migrate away from proprietary operating systems," Bancilhon added.

The occasion of his declaration was Thursday's release of v10.0 of its flagship operating system which, in line with Mandrakesoft's traditional commitment to making Linux easier for all computer users, provides enhanced server capabilities - by integrating the 2.6 Linux kernel, Samba 3.0, MySQL 4.0.18, PostqreSQL 7.4.1, Apache2, extended hardware support, and a new Mandrakeonline update service.

According to Mandrakesoft, the desktop experience has been enhanced too "with numerous improvements including a new Mandrakegalaxy 2 desktop theme, new menu organization, and a new Mandrakelinux Control Center to make this release even more friendly and easy to use than ever."

The company's press release continues:

Additionally, 'Magicdev' has been added -- Magicdev provides dynamic CD support for launching appropriate applications when a CD or DVD is inserted into a drive.

Mandrakelinux 10.0 provides KDE 3.2 and GNOME 2.4 as default desktop environments, plus an impressive variety of Office applications such as the famous 1.1 office suite, which is compatible with Microsoft Office documents.

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