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Cincom and Pulse Logistics Systems ally to offer faster integration of supply chain software

  • 04 March, 2004 16:59

<p>(Sydney, Australia) - Cincom, a leading supplier of enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, has formed a strategic alliance with PULSE Logistics Systems, a specialist in advanced supply chain software. The agreement enables the companies jointly to offer a marked acceleration and simplification of complex software integration requirements to manufacturers with large inventories.</p>
<p>The alliance means the companies can go to market with an enhanced version of Cincom's flagship ERP software CONTROL" integrated with the PULSE advanced Warehouse Management System (WMS).</p>
<p>"Most ERP systems offer basic warehouse management functionality but very few can provide the advanced functionality required to connect the complicated aspects of the warehouse cycle - from receiving products to ordering and despatch - that are characteristic of companies holding large inventories,"said Paul Hargreaves, Managing Director, Cincom Australia and New Zealand.</p>
<p>"The alliance means that PULSE's speciality software for warehousing compliments our own software for manufacturers of complex or high-value products, to meet the specialised needs of customers with tough logistical requirements,"said Hargreaves.</p>
<p>"The compelling benefit for these customers is a drastic reduction in the amount of time and money spent on the slow and expensive writing of tailored code that was required to integrate different software programs in the past," he said. "A process that used to take months can now be accomplished in days."</p>
<p>"What makes this a logical fit, and a key competitive differentiator, is our mutual track record in linking and automating business processes in complex manufacturing and logistics environments," said Peter Johansson, Sales Manager, PULSE Logistics Systems. "Cincom thrives on integrating the business processes in complex manufacturing situations, while we have specialised in developing advanced real-time software and radio-frequency systems to streamline all activities in a typical warehouse. It's natural for us to work with Cincom and give our mutual customers the benefits of our respective strengths. And, of course, teaming our complementary technologies gives us both a strategic advantage over our competitors."</p>
<p>CONTROL is ERP software for large, complex and high-value manufacturing environments. CONTROL allows companies to configure end products according to customer specifications, manage a large volume of engineering changes and trace materials for regulatory compliance. Companies within the complex manufacturing sector typically have business processes that span multiple systems of record and involves diverse groups.</p>
<p>Cincom's ENVIRON technology, part of the CONTROL system, allows companies to make incremental improvements to their business processes by making codeless changes to the business functionality within CONTROL and PULSE, as well as integrate disparate systems, external suppliers, customers and partners to streamline processes.</p>
<p>The PULSE WMS is an advanced, real-time system based on a powerful integration of computer hardware, software, bar coding and data capture using RF (radio frequency) technologies. PULSE WMS is designed to optimise all aspects of the warehousing process with sophisticated programming logic that prioritises, assigns and controls all warehouse activities. PULSE WMS has specific facilities for manufacturing companies including RF work order issues and receipts processing, expiry date controls, and batch / lot number and serial number tracking. The PULSE WMS is used by manufacturing and distribution companies, supply warehouses in government, public utilities and third-party logistics operators.</p>
<p>According to Gartner, installing real-time event-triggered warehouse management systems like PULSE can deliver inventory accuracy of close to 99.9 per cent, and direct labour savings of 40 per cent, among other operations benefits.</p>
<p>About PULSE Logistics Systems</p>
<p>PULSE Logistics Systems is a leading specialist in the design and development of key strategic Supply Chain Execution systems. The PULSE advanced Warehouse Management System is one of the pioneering WMS applications globally and winner of the Citibank 'Best Use of Technology in Asia' Award. PULSE customers include Philmac, IBM, Unomedical, Interphil Laboratories, National Australia Bank, Angus &amp; Coote and Zuellig Pharma Corporation. For more information about PULSE's products and services, contact PULSE on + 61 2 8875 7780 or visit</p>
<p>About Cincom</p>
<p>Cincom is the world's most experienced software company, now spanning five decades with solutions to help customers simplify complex business processes and transform corporate information into competitive advantage. Our software products include enterprise management systems, contact centre and customer relationship management systems, databases, document management, sales knowledge systems and e-business solutions. Cincom serves over 5,000 clients in 93 countries, including Alcatel, Citibank, Federal Express, Nationwide, Siemens and Trane. For more information about Cincom's products and services, visit the company's world wide website at</p>

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