Offshore bank onshores IT to Oz

Offshore bank onshores IT to Oz

While some banks in Australia are offshoring their back-office and support centres to India it should also be noted that one offshore bank, namely UBS, has recently just completed moving its first-level IT support call centre from Zürich, Switzerland, to Sydney, Australia, thus creating jobs for Australians.

In an increasingly global marketplace the need for multinationals to have 24x7 support centres is an absolute necessity; the costs involved in this are enormous but the cheapest solution may not always be the best solution. I would assume that UBS also must have considered India as a location for its call centre, one wonders why then did they choose Australia.

Having worked in IT support in Switzerland for a number of years I know that support costs there are about double what they are in Australia. If costs in India are only 8.3 percent of the costs in Australia then why did UBS choose Australia over India? One wonders whether these Indian solutions are really going to provide the necessary QOS.

Food for thought don’t you think?

John Alexander Hird
Managing director
Ectropycorp Pty Ltd
Cremorne NSW

Think Tank holds appeal

I would like to thank you and your team for a most enjoyable conference at Star City recently (July 27). I had just returned from a Global IT conference in Europe, where we had touched on a number of related topics. It was interesting to hear the presentations and opinions of the local IT community.

The range of topics and speakers covered was excellent, with some highlights - especially the presentations by Graham Connolly and Mark Hollands.

A thoroughly enjoyable "work" day, with the timing, venue and range of speakers filling the day completely.

The concept of a Think Tank is quite interesting and I will be keeping a watch for upcoming topics. You have mentioned VoIP and Linux - two that I am keen on. I would also be interested in anything to do with VPNs or relational database management.

Again, congratulations on your debut conference and I look forward to future Computerworld events.

Gary Young
IT Manager
Precision Valve Australia
Ingleburn NSW

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