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  • 30 January, 2004 13:57

<p>Wyse Technology, the world leader in thin client and server based computing, today confirmed that companies using its Winterm(TM) 1000 and 3000 series thin clients are already protected from MyDoom and MyDomb-B worm infections.</p>
<p>Stevan Caldwell, Wyse Technology’s Regional Marketing Manager, said the Winterm(TM) 1000 and 3000 series also protected users from the variants now emerging, including My Doom-B.</p>
<p>“As these worms lay in wait for a scheduled distributed denial-of-service (DOS) against either the websites of SCO Group Inc or Microsoft, they take residence in personal computers as a ‘host’,” Mr Caldwell said.</p>
<p>“Like many virus infections before it, MyDoom-B has no PC host in a central server architecture. It cannot reside at the user’s desktop, nor can it cause damage to a desktop server – because these locations just don’t exist”.</p>
<p>Mr Caldwell agreed that today’s unrelenting security threats continue to force enterprises to
reconsider the vulnerable nature of the client server network.</p>
<p>“With estimates of one in every 12 emails containing the MyDoom virus, PC networks cannot cope with this level of risk. If even 12 percent of PCs are affected in one company, that’s a significant number of PCs to clean and fix – only to face a new variant days, weeks or months down the track,” Mr Caldwell said.</p>
<p>George Skaff, Wyse Technology’s Vice President global marketing, released a statement yesterday denouncing PCs as vulnerable legacy systems that no longer stand up consistently or securely in today’s Internet-dependent society.</p>
<p>“In a thin client computing environment, worms and viruses can be kept away from desktop devices, thus preventing damage and propagation at the desktop level. In turn, desktops cannot be manipulated by worms and used to launch distributed DOS attacks. IT managers can focus on protecting a few servers, rather than thousands of PCs,” the statement said.</p>
<p>Initially discovered on Monday 26 January this year, the original MyDoom worm left organisations around the world facing millions of dollars in lost productivity and damages. Within three days, these costs were estimated to exceed $US 250m, five times that of last summer’s SoBig-F virus.</p>
<p>Wyse Technology is the world-wide leader in thin client technology and server based computing software solutions. The company is an international leader in the field, and holds more than 70 percent of the market share in Australia. Visit or contact Phillips Group at the details below for further information.</p>
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