Microsoft fixes Word 2003 glitches

Microsoft on Tuesday released an update for Word 2003 to fix several glitches in the word processing application that was introduced in October last year as part of Microsoft's Office System launch.

Arguably the most serious glitch fixed by the update can cause Word to freeze or crash when auto saving, saving, printing or even closing a document that includes an OLE (Object Linking and Embedding) object, such as an image or multimedia elements, according to Microsoft knowledge base article 832858.

The update also fixes an issue that occurs when a Word document created on a Windows machine is sent to an Apple Macintosh user for revision using a feature to track changes. When the annotated document comes back to the Windows users, the comments by the Mac user are incorrect and deletions may reappear, according to Microsoft knowledge base article 830000.

Other faults corrected include the unnecessary launch of a file conversion dialog box when opening a text file, not displaying image thumbnails in the reading layout view, text jumping from page to page or disappearing completely when switching views or scrolling, according to Microsoft .

The update for Office 2003 is not the first since the product's release. Microsoft in November issued its first "Critical Update" for Office 2003 to fix a problem that can occur when a user opens or saves a PowerPoint 2003, Word 2003 or Excel 2003 file that contains an "OfficeArt" element that was modified and saved in an earlier version of Office.

Office 2003 went through what Microsoft called its largest beta test ever, including an unprecedented "refresh" of the second beta to squash more bugs. The refresh pushed back the Office 2003 release, but Microsoft said it would add to the product's stability, making the first release comparable to a product with the first service pack installed.

Microsoft earlier this week said the first service pack for Office 2003 is due in late June.

Microsoft recommends the use of the Office Update service to download and install the Word 2003 update. Office Update is at The knowledge base article explaining this update is at

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