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OutBox: Managing the risks of outgoing email

  • 20 January, 2004 11:15

<p>A new Australian software solutions provider, Outbox Pty Limited has launched its first offering in the email security segment. The software solution called OutBox delivers policy based, outbound email security for Microsoft Exchange/Outlook email systems and enables an organisation to better address the risks posed by outgoing email. Whilst email has been a boon to business productivity, it also carries substantial risks to organisations in the areas of privacy, contract law, harassment, discrimination, copyright and intellectual property to name but a few. There have been a myriad of new products that protect email systems from outside interference however OutBox is the first solution developed to help an organisation manage the risks posed by outgoing email.</p>
<p>The prototype was initially developed after consultation with a number of accountancy firms. Sydney based chartered accountancy firm, R P Campbell and Associates was an initial contributor to the product design. Peter Campbell, the principle of the firm said, “Over the last couple of years, on reviewing our internal processes and procedures and striving to implement better business practices, I have become increasingly concerned with several aspects of email. One issue relates to the potential for unqualified staff to inadvertently give financial advice or tax opinions using email. With email it is far too easy to quickly respond to a client query – and in doing so provide incomplete or even incorrect advice”.</p>
<p>Reflecting on the development of email as a business tool Peter further commented: “In the ‘good old days’ of written correspondence we had time honoured, proven disciplines where correspondence was checked, signed by a Partner and properly filed. With email, businesses have abandoned these controls and checkpoints and anyone with access to email can misuse it. It is quite scary when you really think about this.” For an accounting firm this is a sensitive issue – but banks, insurance companies, legal firms, consultants, engineers, financial advisors and other professionals are equally at risk.</p>
<p>Running on Microsoft Exchange/Outlook, the Outbox email security solution manages these risks by imposing a number of controls on outgoing email. It offers six key features:
· The introduction of email message types with employees having limited rights to use certain types
· Introduction of policies educating staff on proper email use ensuring staff are continuously advised of their responsibilities.
· Dynamic disclaimers tailored to each message type.
· Automatic archiving of all emails including attachments.
· Extensive reporting and analysis of email usage by user/message type.
· Outbox can also restrict email access to selected contacts such as key clients or competitors.</p>
<p>After running as a beta test site Peter Campbell’s experience has been encouraging: “Since introducing Outbox I believe there is now a better appreciation within the firm of using email as a business tool. Fewer emails are being sent for personal purposes, and we also expect that it will lessen longer-term demands on disk storage and bandwidth usage. Overall I now feel confident that we have better protected the intellectual property of the firm and we are now more effective email users.” concluded Peter.</p>
<p>About Outbox Pty Ltd
Outbox is a provider of business enterprise email and data management and security technology to enterprises and service providers. The company was established in 2002 and is headquartered in Sydney, Australia. For more information, please visit</p>
For further information contact:</p>
<p>Michael Bonhote
Outbox Pty Ltd
Ph 02 9233 8144
Mobile 0410 600157

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