Pigs fly in face of alliance

What a load of crock! Do you expect us to believe that the peace deal between Sun Microsystems and Microsoft is going to make any real difference?

In the story that appeared in Computerworld April 19, 2004 (page 14) we are told that this is good news for us working in IT. And pigs really do fly.

Both companies have spent the better part of the last decade throwing law suits at each other and now they have reached a settlement so I have to believe it is all going to change overnight!

It has taken them this long just to co-exist in the same market together, I'm not holding my breath waiting for product interoperability at this stage. That will take three decades.

I think there is more chance of the two companies merging than reaching any kind of technology pact. How about better judgement in any future articles about these two companies?

David Sommerset
Sherwood Qld

Judgment is not ours to claim in this case where it's a matter of reporting the 'facts', just the 'facts' – Ed

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