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GN Netcom's new GN 8210 - Providing superior protection against Acoustic Shock

  • 31 August, 2004 16:41

<p>Taking the lead in advanced headset technology, GN Netcom has launched GN 8210 – a fully digital headset amplifier designed specifically for call centres and client-based customer relations/service centres.</p>
<p>With worker safety an ever-important issue, the GN 8210 utilises enhanced Digital Sound Processing (DSP) technology to deliver unparalleled acoustic shock protection and noise suppression.</p>
<p>An acoustic shock is an occasional intense signal, usually caused by alarm signals, signalling tones, or feedback oscillation that accidentally occur within the telephone network.</p>
<p>GN Netcom General Manager, David McCardle, believes call centres need to take preventative action against acoustic shock. “In Britain there are currently 83 compensation claims being heard for acoustic shock.</p>
<p>“With the call centre industry growing at 15 per cent per annum, it is essential that call centre managers take measures to ensure the health and safety of their staff,” said Mr McCardle.</p>
<p>Australian Consultant Audiologist, Dr Janice Milhinch, agrees: “As Australian business places more emphasis on call centre operations, the incidence of acoustic shock injury is a condition that will continue to rise unless equipment includes special protection.</p>
<p>“Acoustic shock injury produces symptoms including extreme pain, tinnitus, vertigo and hypersensitivity to loud sounds following the initial shock. Psychological symptoms can include anxiety and depression.</p>
<p>“Prevention is better than cure, and the GN 8210 is the most innovative headset solution on the market for protection against acoustic shock injury. It is the only product on the market that features automatic volume control, which maintains a safe and consistent volume regardless of fluctuations in the telephone network.</p>
<p>“GN Netcom’s GN 8210 is a technologically advanced product that will reduce risk and optimise safety in call centres,” Dr Milhinch said.</p>
<p>The GN 8210 is an innovative product that delivers real benefits, both in protection and in productivity, and like all GN Netcom products, exceeds Australian Communications Authority standards. The GN 8210 also meets the requirements for TT4 and the ACIF G616 standards.</p>
<p>The GN 8210 is now available.</p>
<p>Dr Milhinch has achieved a reputation as an expert in management of acoustic shock and has frequently advised on litigation in cases of injury. She also advises Telstra on many audiological matters.</p>
<p>Contact GN Netcom on 03-8823 9111 for distributor details.</p>
<p>About GN Netcom</p>
<p>GN Netcom is a world leader in hands-free communication technologies.
The company develops, manufactures and markets a broad portfolio of corded as well as wireless headsets and related products through its two market focused divisions: Contact Centre &amp; Office Division and Mobile Division. The Contact Centre &amp; Office Division,
under the GN Netcom brand, provides solutions covering the hands-free communication needs of professionals working in contact centres and offices. The Mobile Division provides innovative hands-free solutions under the JABRA brand for users of mobile devices.</p>
<p>For information about products please visit</p>
<p>GN Netcom is part of GN Store Nord, a global market leader in personal communications.</p>
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