Get smart about security assets: consultant

Technology already in-house might solve some security dilemmas for IT managers before they upgrade or add devices, according to TruSecure Australia's senior security consultant Leanne Fleming.

As vulnerabilities increase and IT security resources remain flat, Fleming said the solution is to analyse the benefits of a company's existing technology such as firewall and router logs.

"Before buying a new firewall, interrogate the data you already have to get results; in the past this information was looked at in isolation but it is more effective to do a vulnerability scan and then compare it with other data such as firewall logs," she said.

"There is plenty of intelligence in every company that is under-used."

In the past 12 months, Fleming said an estimated 4200 vulnerabilities have been identified yet there is a huge gap between increased threats and staff resources to tackle the problem.

"It is basically drawing intelligence from what you have but it is a bit of a rethink for IT managers. However, it does mean more value," she said referring to TruSecure's IntelliShield product which combines workflow features with a database of threats and vulnerabilities and customised filters to provide early warning alerts to customers. IntelliShield can be customised to the technology and applications the customer has already deployed.

Last month TruSecure announced the availability of a new software tool called Risk Commander.

Repackaging its network security and vulnerability expertise into Risk Commander it pulls together and analyses data from other security products such as scanning and network applications and firewalls.

This means network administrators only have to work with one product and overcomes the security disconnect of events in a network.

The product is built on a rules engine and back-end database from Cogentric which TruSecure acquired in July.

It has a dashboard of tools as well as policy compliance features and is priced around $US150,000.

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