Treasure waits in 40-year legacy: Chief exec

The enterprise is suffering a combination of chaos and big iron rigidity after 40 years of differing IT strategies, according to SeeBeyond president and chief operating officer Carvel Moore.

Speaking at the SeeBeyond user conference Horizons Asia Pacific 2003 in Queensland yesterday, he said evidence of these differing strategies is in every enterprise with abandoned CRM and ERP projects, customised and packaged apps mixed with a couple of mergers and acquisitions.

"This is what we have after decades of investment and companies can't afford to start over. They have to leverage existing IT assets; that's why we say legacy systems aren't dreary - they are a treasure trove," he said referring to the company's release of Integrated Composite Application Network (Ican 5.0 suite) which links disparate applications and data sources.

"Gartner called it the Swiss army knife of the 21st century because we have one code base, one GUI; we have transformed legacy from a stumbling block to a stepping stone.

"It's about the ability to reuse, reconfigure and recombine systems to meet changing business needs; that is how we are delivering value. We want to be the vendor customers judge all others by."

Moore, who said "IT is a company's business strategy captured in code," added that customers, who in the good old days customers would buy anything, are sick of vendors selling new functionality.

Recently, he said Microsoft's Steve Ballmer was bemoaning the lack of innovation in enterprise software and blaming buyers for the dilemma.

"When tech companies talk about lack of innovation they can't come up with an example of a customer getting value out of their IT. These days customers ask questions like 'does it work?'" Moore said.

* Sandra Rossi travelled to Queensland as a guest of SeeBeyond

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