IBM's Stinger helps take DB2 to the next level

Available starting September 17, IBM is releasing a new version of its DB2 database software. DB2 version 8.2, codenamed "Stinger," is aimed at users of Linux and Unix. With prices beginning at US$25,000 for DB2 enterprise edition, IBM is aiming at taking market share from Oracle, the database market leader.

"The general availability of DB2 Universal Database, code-named Stinger, redefines the role of database administration," said IBM in an announcement. "The software delivers breakthrough autonomic computing capabilities that allow organizations to complete complex jobs up to seven times faster than before while also reducing the time spent on administrative tasks by up to 65 percent," the company claimed.

Autonomic computing is the technology that is building self-managing IT infrastructures - hardware and software that can configure, heal, optimize and protect itself.

By taking care of many of the increasingly complex management requirements of IT systems, autonomic computing allows human and physical resources to concentrate on actual business issues, IBM says, citing as an example how, by utilizing the latest version of DB2, ScotDB - a leading database design and administration firm - is apparently now able to deliver a database product that manages itself 90 percent of the time.

"This represents a decisive advantage for ScottDB's smaller customers who typically have limited background in database administration and little or no technical support staff," IBM noted.

DB2 is optimized for the rapidly growing clustered server market, IBM says, and offers unmatched levels of fully automated high- availability, disaster recovery and client reroute for clustered environments, "providing a solution that can be installed in half the time and is one quarter the cost of the Linux HA cluster solutions of other vendors."

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