Buyers Guide: Enterprise application integration

A snapshot of vendors in the application integration market with details as supplied by deadlineAttachmatee-Vantage solutionsAttachmate's EAI services and technology allow organisations to integrate real-time information from legacy sources with front-office applications such as CRM and facilitates an organisation's move into the Internet economy through the Five R strategy. This gives a company a choice of refacing, repurposing, restructuring, re-engineering or replacing legacy systems.

To implement these options Attachmate has a variety of technologies and consulting services including the e-Vantage Host Access Server. This controls who has access to the host and what they see once they get there. It provides centralised, enterprise-wide management of thick, thin and custom e-Vantage clients.e-Vantage Enterprise Access Objects enables organisations to transform from traditional bricks and mortar companies to e-business enterprises. Comprising a set of COM objects and ActiveX controls, it establishes direct, two-way, real-time connections with mainframe, Unix/VMS and AS/400 enterprise host systems. It navigates through host application screens, and transmits data transparently between front-office and enterprise host applications.

Pricing: on application

Contact: (02) 9249 7200

BEA Systems

BEA eLink

BEA eLink is an end-to-end EAI and B2B e-commerce integration server. Companies can rapidly integrate business processes and applications across back- and front-office systems, and integrate with other business partners over the Web.

BEA eLink Integration Server provides transaction support, application connectivity, and business process and data integration options based on BEA's distributed, manageable and scalable E-Commerce Transaction Platform. BEA eLink offers the market's largest portfolio of mainframe adapters, managed via Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP). Its full set of messaging paradigms include asynchronous and synchronous, publish and subscribe, and request and response to meet integration solution requirements. Options include: BEA eLink Information Integrator or Data Integration Options provide cost-effective alternatives to writing or generating programs to translate diverse data models into a common data format.

The BEA eLink Business Process Option or BEA eLink Integrator for HP/Changengine, tools for defining, and execution engines for running business processes that span applications integrated using BEA eLink.

Pricing: on application

Contact: 1800 678 024

Call Time Solutions


Call Time's AnyMedia solution provides communications for the contact centre and whole enterprise. The AnyMedia interaction management solution integrates with computer telephony, natural language speech recognition and customer relationship management applications, and is integrated with an organisation's existing transactional systems, implemented and customised by Call Time. AnyMedia is spearheaded by the Enterprise Interaction Centre (EIC) - an 'all-in-one' Windows NT-based interaction management platform from Interactive Intelligence. Interactions are universally queued through MS Exchange, empowering a contact centre agent or enterprise user to view all communication channels equally, including phone, fax e-mail, Web chat and voice-mail enquiries. EIC acts as a PABX, ACD, IVR, predictive dialler and a Web gateway and incorporates eFAQ, an e-mail response management system. AnyMedia enables a company to engage with its customers across any communication media, including WAP and videoconferencing technologies in the future.

Pricing: on application

Contact: 1300 134 252



e-Adapter, an integration software suite from CommerceQuest, is an application interface engine. e-Adapter integrates directly with dissimilar applications and links them to IBM MQSeries, allowing them to smoothly communicate.

e-Adapter uses file-to-message and message-to-file conversion techniques, as well as XML support, and completely masks the complexities of interacting with IBM MQSeries. e-Adapter automates the exchange of information between disparate systems, databases, and applications.

e-Adapter also includes application-specific features and intelligence, called Connectors. These Connectors provide higher levels of business process integration for the following applications: IBM DB2, Informix, Lotus Notes, ODBC, SQL,IBM MQSI and NEON Copernicus.

e-Adapter is available on most computing platforms, letting you conduct "any-to-any" information exchange.

Pricing: is based on platform capacity

Contact: (02) 9955 3430

Computer Associates

Jasmine ii provides the framework for Enterprise Application Integration, particularly where there is a need for content aggregation - eBusiness sites, for example. Using object providers, Jasmine ii allows the seamless integration of business logic and data across the enterprise with its support for XML, Java, C++, DCOM and ODBC.

Jasmine ii handles the transformation of existing resources through providers - offering access to databases, e-mail systems and much more.

Additional providers are also available, extending Jasmine ii to application software packages, and directory providers. Integration Kits provide access to a range of tools such as Symantec Visual Café, Inprise JBuilder, and IBM VisualAge, Rational Rose, Microsoft Visual C++, and Microsoft Visual Basic.

Jasmine ii includes the Jasmine ii Browser, Administrator and Builder.

In addition, other Jasmine ii integrated tools are available for publishing (Publisher), reporting (Reporter) and application modelling (Modeller).

Pricing: on user requirements.

Contact: (02) 9937 0500


Uniface is Compuware's environment for building, renewing and integrating strategic applications. Uniface enables IT organisations to exploit opportunities in the critical areas of enterprise application integration, e-business and legacy renewal. Uniface runs on an range of databases, operating systems, hardware platforms and network configurations - more than 4000 combinations - allowing organisations to successfully manage waves of business and technology change. Uniface reduces the cost of ownership of business-critical applications, while protecting and enhancing the return on investment in current systems.

Pricing: on application

Contact: (02) 8875 5000

Convergent Group

The Digital UtilitySM

Convergent Group's Digital UtilitySM provides a strategic blueprint for transforming utilities into fully integrated e-businesses. It encompasses services and products that are configured to create an enterprise-wide, digital environment and enables organisations to conduct one-stop business with their customers, partners and suppliers using Web-based tools.

The Digital Utility provides ready access to information, through the integration of front-office applications, including the call centre and customer relationship management; back-office applications, including finance, accounting and human resources; and energy delivery applications like mobile work force management and outage management. Ultimately, for the customer, the Digital Utility represents the fusion of revenue automation and energy delivery resource planning.

The ultimate goal is to provide streamlined, friction-free access - via the Internet - to the information required to answer questions asked by employees, customers and partners.

Pricing: on application

Contact: (07) 3211 7722



IBM MQSeries messaging products enable applications to exchange information between 35-plus IBM and non-IBM platforms, even if the target program is not currently running. They take care of network interfaces, communications protocols, and handling recovery after system problems, assuring the delivery of messages. Message queues in a cluster (group) can automatically configure and define their resources with one another, balance work among themselves, and provide "hot standby" in case of failure. MQSeries supports publish and subscribe. Users and applications can register interest in, and receive information about, topics of their choice.

MQSeries connects your business software together to form one efficient, integrated enterprise community-wide system by providing an open, scalable, industrial-strength messaging information backbone, that unites business processes across different computing platforms. Programs are portable; programmers are freed from handling network complexity, and system administration is reduced. MQSeries can dynamically distribute work across available resources, to ensure continuity and optimise handling.

Pricing: on application

Contact: 13 2426

Mercator Software

Mercator's products are designed to automate the end-to-end integration of the commerce chain, enabling the seamless flow of information throughout the enterprise and with the applications of customers and partners. Mercator has three major products:

Commerce Broker - creates seamless B2B interfaces across public and private networks.

Enterprise Broker - provides a platform for A2A integration across the enterprise, including event driven integration of enterprise resource planning, customer relationship management and custom applications with existing systems.

WebBroker - combines power and simplicity for Web-enabling existing systems. It provides a single point of control for B2C interfaces and centralised management of B2C applications. Businesses can integrate existing systems with every consumer touch point- from the Web to the call centre to retail store.

Pricing: environment dependent

Contact: (02) 8920 8511

See Beyond

(formerly STC)

The e*Xchange eBusiness Integration Suite is a powerful, reliable and cost efficient system, enabling real-time, end-to-end process integration and trading partner management both within and across multiple enterprises. A broad solution for operating eBusiness, e*Xchange eBI Suite is fully Java compatible, leveraging open standards and XML to link data, systems and manage collaborative business.

The e*Xchange eBusiness Intergration Suite includes the e*Xchange Integrator, e*Index Global Identifier and e*Gate Integrator.

E*Gate Integrator provides a comprehensive, fault tolerant distributed and highly scalable e-business integration platform. It enables B2B integration, supply and demand chain automation and management of front-office to back-office integration.

E*Gate Integrator also features legacy system integration, enterprise backbone integration, Internet application integration and business-to-consumer integration.

The e*Xchange Integrator works by automating and managing end-to-end business processes and trading partner relationships, delivering a comprehensive e-business integration solution.

Benefits of this system include the provision of comprehensive total e-business integration, integrated process automation, robust security, e-business standards support and proactive relationship management.

Pricing: to be announced

Contact: (02) 9409 5409




Tibco ActiveEnterprise and Tibco ActiveExchange provide end-to-end, real-time e-business infrastructures to enable B2B e-commerce connections.

Tibco's ActiveEnterprise e-business infrastructure software builds the platform that joins together the suite of enterprise applications.

Tibco ActiveExchange is a set of products that offer a B2B platform to rapidly enable enterprise hubs and e-marketplaces to connect suppliers, distributors and partners. ActiveExchange enables secure and real-time commerce transactions directly with other enterprises and through B2B commerce intermediaries.

Based on Tibco's ActiveEnterprise infrastructure software suite, the first two products in the ActiveExchange family are TIB/BusinessConnect and TIB/BusinessPartner.

TIB/BusinessConnect interconnects a company's systems and processes directly with partners, customers and vendors, and can be distributed to partners, customers and vendors that don't have B2B commerce systems-enabling e-commerce to be conducted.

Pricing: on application

Contact: (02) 9266 3334



AMTrix is an application integration engine for internal software integration, B2B integration, dynamic trading communities and supply chain synchronisation.

AMTrix is neutral, which allows integration between different applications, platforms, databases and communication protocols.

It enables real-time information between trading partners, enabling organisations to manage mission-critical events within a public or private exchange, increasing efficiencies and productivity.

AMTrix seamlessly supports

all processes to synchronise supply chains, by leveraging Internet-based supply chain integration, customers, partners and suppliers can achieve measurable benefits in inventory

visibility, order fulfilment and logistics asset utilisation.

AMTrix is a powerful integration and integration technology that, with 3200 installations and more than 750 customers worldwide. It supports business processes, workflows, and associated information flows by capturing and processing business events in real time.

Operating on Unix, Windows NT and AS/400, AMTrix provides the full range of functions needed to integrate diverse systems across operating platforms, databases, communication environments, technology infrastructures, e-commerce standards and application formats. It supports messaging formats from EDI to XML.

Pricing: based on configuration

Contact: (02) 9911 7788

WRQ Software

VeraStream is a complete suite of EAI products and services that integrates data from multiple host systems, databases and ERP systems into Web and other applications. VeraStream lets companies make their critical business data stored on traditional legacy systems, available and usable for business partners, customers and employees. VeraStream is designed to accommodate a company's changing requirements such as CRM, order management, acquisition, business logic and processes. VeraStream is made up of graphical and pre-built integration tools incorporated in its universal integration engine (UIE).

The UIE is an integration platform, bringing together databases, back-office applications (including legacy applications), and front-office applications to give consistency, synchronisation and smooth continuation of business processes and systems.

Pricing: on application

Contact: (02) 9964 9216

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