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Survey reveals Australians find search listings most effective medium for sourcing products and services online

  • 15 March, 2004 11:29

<p>SYDNEY, March 15, 2004: Search listings are the most effective form of online advertising in Australia, according to an independent survey commissioned by Overture Australia (Overture).</p>
<p>In conjunction with global market research firm, SurveySite, Overture surveyed a cross-section of Australians* to confirm that the majority of purchases, resulting from consumers and businesses sourcing goods and services via the Internet, originated from search listings rather than other forms of rich media advertising such as text-based tiles1 and EyeBlasters2.</p>
<p>- Australian consumers are between six and 12 times, respectively, more likely to make an online purchase from a search listing than a text-based tile or EyeBlaster.</p>
<p>The survey found 59 percent of purchases originate from search listings, compared with 10 per cent from text-based tiles and five percent from EyeBlasters. These results reflect the unobtrusive nature of search advertising and highlight the fact that paid search listing often provide more relevant and content rich information than other online advertising tools.</p>
<p>Mel Bohse, Managing Director of Overture Australia believes these findings provide undeniable proof that Australians are more likely to make online purchases through targeted search listings. As the pioneer of paid search, Overture is committed delivering high ROI to advertisers and providing the most helpful, relevant search listings to consumers in Australia.</p>
<p>Additional findings
The survey also revealed additional statistics that reinforced the superior effectiveness of search listings over alternate online advertising mediums.</p>
<p>Unaided awareness/recall
- Australian consumers are more than twice as likely to remember search listing than text-based tiles and EyeBlasters.</p>
<p>On average 47 percent of respondents recalled the first three search listings without prompting. Only 21 and 23 percent of respondents, respectively, recalled text-based tiles and EyeBlasters unaided.</p>
<p>Frequency of reading and clicking
- Australian consumers are between two and three times, respectively, more likely to read and click on a search listing than a text-based tile.</p>
<p>- Australian consumers are between four and seven times, respectively, more likely to read and click on a search listing than an EyeBlaster.</p>
<p>Search listings dominated both text based tiles and EyeBlasters in drawing user attention and frequency of clicks. 82 percent read search listing with 86 percent going on to click on the link. This compares to 30 and 26 percent respectively for text based tiles and 20 and 12 percent respectively for EyeBlasters.</p>
<p>About search listings
Search listings appear as either 'sponsored links' or 'Web (algorithmic) results' when an individual conducts an Internet search via a search engine like Yahoo!, AltaVista or Ozemail.</p>
<p>Unlike Web results, sponsored links are paid for by advertisers. However, Bohse believes sponsored links often provide more relevant search results than algorithmic results because online advertisers endeavour to closely match their products and services to the terms consumers use to search.</p>
<p>To ensure and support this endeavour, Overture provides content editors who work closely with advertisers to match their listing to the needs of the consumer. This process virtually ensures that sponsored links are the most relevant search results available.</p>
<p>* SurveySite surveyed a cross-section of 256 Australians, providing a statistical accuracy of +/- 6.13 percentage points, 19 times out of 20.
1 Text-based tiles are bordered and highlighted advertisements that appear alongside algorithmic search results
2 EyeBlasters are Flash pop-ups</p>
<p>About Overture
Overture Services, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Yahoo! Inc., offers essential marketing services for companies doing business online. The company's search-based products and tools help businesses connect with highly motivated customers. Overture is based in Pasadena, Calif. with U.S. offices in New York, Chicago and San Mateo, CA. The headquarters for Overture's non-U.S. business is in Ireland, with offices across Europe, Asia, and Australia. For more information about Overture Australia, visit Overture is a service mark of Overture Services, Inc.</p>
<p>For more information:</p>
<p>Overture Services Australia
Mel Bohse, Managing Director
02 8211 0619</p>
<p>Blackie McDonald
Grant Thomas or Phillip Rawcliffe
02 9929 0200</p>

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