WRQ rolls out desktop Y2K suite

WRQ has announced a suite of software tools to tackle Year 2000 compliance problems at the desktop.

The company's WRQ Express 2000 Suite lets users discover compliance problems, prioritize the hardware and software that needs fixing, and control the spread of non-compliant systems, WRQ said.

For discovery, WRQ Express 2000 scans the PC to determine hardware and software inventory. Software data is compared against a database of information about Year 2000 PC application compliance. Express 2000 Suite also checks the PC's Basic Input/Output System (BIOS) to determine whether it handles the date correctly when Year 2000 comes.

To help users prioritize systems for Year 2000 compliance, Express 2000 shows which applications need upgrades to come into compliance, and what BIOSes need fixing. It also identifies internally developed applications that may require manual fixes.

Express 2000 also generates reports on application usage patterns to help users determine which software is the most vulnerable.

Once the PC environments is free of Year 2000 defects, Express 2000 can detect all application launches and alert users is an unsanctioned application is running on the network. Express 2000 can also lock out specific applications.

Express 2000 Suite will ship in May.

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