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IMPORTANT NEW SERVICE - Network World Today will interview Cisco Australia CFO Brian Butler this Friday about that company's highly regarded and extensive electronic commerce program.

In doing so, we also hope to pioneer a new approach to IT publishing by tailoring that interview to the specific needs of our readers - but we want your help.

Our Interactive Interview program is an online initiative to enable you to interrogate leading industry figures through our editorial staff.

Cisco is currently generating hundreds of millions of dollars worth of transactions via its electronic commerce project and it is held up around the world as the shining example of how business will be conducted in the online age.

We want you to tell us what you would like to know about Cisco's electronic commerce experience. This is your opportunity to quiz one of the world's foremost users of electronic commerce about its experiences, its successes and the pitfalls it encountered on the journey.

Alternatively, let us know about your own experiences in the area so we can compare these to Cisco. Your questions and comments can be kept confidential if you request it.

To submit your questions and comments simply email me at

Questions must be received by 5 o'clock today.

Mark Jones

Network World Today

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