Letters: Flashy gizmos win IS budgets

Re: Free to choose? Ian Yates' opinion, CW, Oct 30, p45.

It's amazing how many people in this industry jump up and down about the Gates mob and how NT (or any flavour of Windows) isn't reliable enough to play Solitaire without crashing, yet still buy it. Why is this? I think your article hints at the answer. Management who approve our budgets are sold on the pretty screens and flashy gizmos that Microsoft are so good at putting in front of you.

The decision of what NOS (networking operating systems) to install has already been made before the project starts. The IT team has to make it work. I agree that Netware is a better product. I have been dealing with Novell products for 10 years and they just keep on keeping on.

But our clients want Windows, and I for one want to stay in business. If we as an industry want to have choices in OS, then we need to show to our clients that they can have Windows on the desktop, and NOS needs to be whatever suits their particular needs. This means that companies like Novell need to highly promote that their products will work with Windows and run Windows apps, to the real decision makers not just to us.

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