Kearns column: Use year 2000 to your advantage

Here's your problem: You've been wanting to buy desktop systems management software that includes automated inventory, documentation and a remote-control system. Somehow, though, you can't convince your boss that this is a good idea, so you're left to trudge from desk to desk to gather configuration information, always a few steps behind.

The smart guys at PinPoint recognize your problem and want to help. After all, if they can help you find a "hook'' to "sneak in'' the solution to your problem, you might decide their ClickNet Professional systems management software is the best way to do it.

Now they aren't going to come out and talk to your CIO, CFO or CEO (or whoever it is you report to this week). Instead, they've bundled ClickNet Professional inside another product that also helps solve a problem, one that all of your execs are aware of -- the millennium bug.

ClickNet Y2K uses the inventory information collected by ClickNet Professional, compares it with an online database that is constantly updated and reports on the Year 2000 readiness of the hardware and software you have installed. This way, you'll know which packages are already certified, which won't be and which you'll have to test yourself -- applications created in-house, for example. You'll also get handy tips on how to test your in-house apps and where to go for necessary updates and vendor contact information .

There's a slew of built-in reports that will show you your Year 2000 readiness by desktop, vendor or status (certified, in process, needs up-date, etc.). Also included are applications to test the Year 2000 readiness of your PC systems for those that are either unidentifiable by ClickNet Professional or those whose manufacturers haven't provided information.

If you're still not sure what all the Year 2000 fuss is about, get a free copy of PinPoint's Year 2000 Desktop Survival Guide by registering at understanding y2k/y2ksgform.html.

ClickNet Y2K can be a win-win situation. You get the desktop management product you've always wanted, and you get your boss off of your back about the millennium bug. He gets the marketing and salespeople off his back because your company can now send Year 2000 certification letters to clients and customers. All for about US$30 per seat.

You can get all the details about ClickNet Y2K, see sample reports and find out more by visiting PinPoint at www.clicknet. com/y2k/clicknet-y2k/.

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