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Olicom Australia and New Zealand is ramping up its operations in an attempt to overcome wrong perceptions and grow company revenues by 150 percent.

Under the director of new country manager, Claus Hansen, a new channel partner program, network consultancy group and 24-hour support line have already been implemented to lift Olicom's image in the market place.

Hansen told Network WorldToday, "The perception in the market was that Olicom was a fairly small company who was only based on Token Ring technology... our staff was low and they didn't consider Olicom as an important player in the market. My first objective is to change that perception because it is wrong definitely," Hansen said.

"This is very important for me to change because as long as Olicom's perception is that we are a small company then we will never be able to compete with Cisco," he said.

Also high on Hansen's list is the job of increasing revenues by 150 percent. This will be achieved by matching market share in the European countries where Olicom holds 49 percent market share in switches and 30 percent market share in token ring.

"In Australia our market is probably around 15 or 10 percent so by getting the same market share (as in Europe) here in Australia, we will manage to achieve the revenue growth we anticipate," he said.

Hansen said Olicom will become more active in the market and work with channel partners through a new channel program implemented from Europe.

As part of the program, called ClearPartner, Olicom is signing five new channel partners in Australia who will undergo training and certification at the company's headquarters in Denmark.

Also new to Olicom is the Network Consultancy group and 24-hour support line which provide network services to customers on technologies including token ring, ATM and Ethernet.

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