Briefs: FrontMind 2.0 Personalizes Online Efforts

SAN FRANCISCO (05/02/2000) - Manna Inc. has enhanced its FrontMind e-marketing software with new capabilities that allow organizations to evaluate online efforts prior to deployment with ROI reporting and upfront simulation abilities. FrontMind 2.0 allows marketers to customize and personalize their online marketing and sales efforts with customer behavior models that update themselves. These tools help online businesses deliver one-to-one marketing by accessing not only online information, but also offline data stores.

Other FrontMind 2.0 features include:

- Realtime targeting of the best customers for particular promotions and products via its Learning and Inference engine - Capabilities that allow e-marketers to create, pilot, and revamp marketing efforts using actual data before initiating a new campaign - Improved reporting and analysis tools that help emarketers determine the efficacy of marketing efforts and a general ROI, all in real time Find out more about FrontMind 2.0: VNCI brings video to the networkVideo Network Communications (VNCI) has debuted VNCI V 2.0, a Java-based, platform-independent video networking solution. VNCI allows desktop clients to partake in video communications by using a patented technology to distribute FM-quality stereo audio, TV-quality video, and data over the single-twisted pair wiring that links telephones to the Centrex or PBX, rather than relying on LAN wiring. VNCI 2.0 supports Mac OS, Solaris, Windows, and other operating systems. VNCI helps organizations send and receive video content, conduct videoconferencing calls, and perform video broadcasts.

VNCI 2.0 also offers the following features:

- Four-party call capability (three on hold, one active) - Four-way conference calling with individual audio adjustment capability - Single- to multipoint conferencing - Point-and-click user interface - Call hold and call transfer - Simplified directory structure The functionality of VNCI 2.0 can be customized or extended with the VNCI Software Developer Kit.

VNCI 2.0 pricing depends on configuration and size, but starts at $1,650 per video endpoint.

RSA Security integrates PKI apps and JavaRSA Security Inc. has introduced RSA BSAFE Cert-J, a certificate-handling software developer kit for the development of PKI (public key infrastructure) applications. RSA BSAFE Cert-J incorporates both certificate processing and cryptographic software into one package, which developers can use to create PKI-enabled applications in Java.

Since the software relies on open standards, it can be used to develop and deploy secure Java applications for different PKI vendor environments, such as VeriSign OnSite or RSA Keon. The RSA BSAFE Cert-J application also coordinates retrieval, digital certificate, validation, storage, and revocation requests.

It supplies the PKI services needed by applications to relate to directories, certificate authorities, and other PKI-enabled applications, and provides developers with flexible APIs that can be used to test solutions and protect applications from changes in trust policies, PKI vendors, or storage service.

RSA BSAFE Cert-J ships with a Service Provider Interface and examples of source code. It also includes a collection of cryptographic services for key-pair generation, digital signatures, encryption, and envelopes. RSA BSAFE Cert-J SDKs are available for the Java 2 or JDK 1.1 environments.

Find out more about RSA BSAFE Cert-J:

CoCreate ships WorkManager 6.0 Java solution CoCreate Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Hewlett-Packard Co., has delivered WorkManager 6.0, an out-of-box product-development/management solution.

WorkManager includes a new Java Development Environment (JDE), which speeds implementation. A Java Integrated Development Environment (IDE) can improve existing WorkManager applications. The newly added Rapid Client Deployment (RCD) feature automatically informs end users of software enhancements, and allows them to obtain updates via their Web browser. Developers can optimize WorkManager's functions either through Java or through an IDE such as Visual Café. WorkManager 6.0 is compatible with existing WorkManager installations.

Find out more about WorkManager 6.0: resolves crashes with BugSolver Developer Inc. has introduced a BugSolver Developer service, which helps software developers answer the questions of mobile or desktop users when a software or hardware failure happens. BugSolver Developer relies on a software agent that resides on a user's computer. At the moment of failure, the agent creates a detailed operational description of the PC, which it then transmits via the Internet to a secure area on the BugSolver Website. A support person can then examine the profile on the Web and fix the problem.

BugSolver relies on Streaming XML, which streams Internet and PC-based information into XML and then condenses the data for realtime presentation and storage. BugSolver Developer is available via subscription to third-party technical support providers and developer support organizations.

Codagen adds EJB, UML support to Gen-it

Codagen Technologies Corp. has upgraded its Gen-it for Java code generator to version 1.1. Gen-it now includes EJB support as well as new UML modeling capabilities. An Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB) Project explains how to create EJB code from UML class diagrams, while Gen-it's UML modeling support has been expanded to include Microsoft's Visual Modeler. The code generator also includes a larger set of options for creating methods, attributes, classes, and interfaces.

Gen-it for Java 1.1 offers a sample Enterprise JavaBeans Project, which shows how to build an EJB class and simplifies the creation of Generation Templates for writing EJB code. Gen-it for Java 1.1 also offers improved capabilities for creating classes and interfaces. The methods for a class (needed because of an interface or inheritance implementation) can be automatically generated. The product also offers context variables capable of creating more specific generated methods and classes, which allows developers to evoke the intricacies of a model in generated methods, attributes, classes, and interfaces.

Gen-it for Java version 1.1 is priced at $4,900. A free evaluation can be downloaded from the Codagen Website.

Find out more about Gen-it for Java 1.1: Forte for Java now shippingSun Microsystems Inc.'s Forte for Java, Community Edition 1.0 is now available.

The integrated development environment (IDE) for the Java 2 Platform provides developers with a free-of-charge, cross-platform development platform. The application's modular environment offers integrated visual design, compilation, editing, and debugging tools for building Web-enabled applications in Java.

Forte for Java, Community Edition features include:

- A text editor that facilitates editing with features such as custom indentation, syntax coloring for file types, incremental searches, and dynamic source-code completion - An object-oriented architecture that includes a collection of open APIs - A form editor that helps developers create AWT-based or JFC/Swing user interfaces via a visual GUI development tool - A multithreaded debugger that supplies a single-session visual debugger - An object browser that allows developers to review and elect a hierarchy of objects, packages, and object members Sun distributes the Forte for Java, Community Edition to the open source community via a Mozilla Public License.

Download a free version of Forte for Java, Community Edition 1.0: Enterprise-FTX compatible with OFX 2.0 Enterprise Engineering has announced that its Enterprise-FTX Suite, Version 2.5, will support version 2.0 of the Internet-oriented Open Financial Exchange (OFX). Version 2.5 of the Java-based Enterprise-FTX Suite supports and delivers financial services over the Internet. The OFX specification monitors the electronic transmission of financial information between organizations, consumers, and financial institutions through the Internet.

Enterprise Engineering worked with Microsoft and Intuit to make sure that Enterprise-FTX supported the advanced capabilities of the OFX 2.0 specification, including support for 1099 tax downloads, 401(k) accounts, and XML-based transactions. Financial organizations that implement Enterprise-FTX will be able to provide their customers with these capabilities via Microsoft's Money and Intuit's Quicken.

Versant links databases to XML

Versant Corp. has introduced its Versant Extensible Markup Language (VXML) Toolkit, an application that lets developers import and export data from Versant databases in XML. The VXML Toolkit supports multiple languages, which allows users to import and export objects developed with J/Versant, C++/Versant, or C/Versant language interfaces. It also permits the import and export of large amounts of XML data by letting Versant ODBMS act as a cache for data-sources.

The VXML Toolkit contains two APIs: one for importing XML into objects and another for exporting objects as XML. Other VXML features include control over attributes exported, and a choice between raw database representation or language structured view predicate selection of classes or instances to export.

The Java-based VXML Toolkit operates in any Versant environment. It will be incorporated into the Versant Developer Suite 6.0 by late summer.

Download the VXML toolkit at no charge:

EZ Fibre offers graphical window onto host bus adaptersJNI Corp. has introduced its EZ Fibre 2.0, a GUI-based configuration and management utility application for host bus adapters. The Java-based software is compatible with JNI's FibreStar PCI and SBus host bus adapter in Mac OS, Solaris, and Windows environments. EZ Fibre 2.0 software simplifies the configuration of host bus adapters (HBAs) in Storage Area Network (SAN) configurations by circumventing difficult configuration file editing and operating system databases. Once installed, EZ Fibre helps developers with its LUN-level mapping/zoning and diagnostics.

EZ Fibre features include:

- A graphical installation process

- LUN-level zoning that lets administrators coordinate multiple disks in a SAN environment containing heterogeneous hosts - A GUI-based tool that controls storage discovery in multi-CPU environments - Diagnostics tools to determine HBA and connection status Find out more about EZ Fibre 2.0: FatSplash tracks online customers with MaztermindFatSplash Inc. has enhanced its customer relationship management services with the addition of Maztermind, a click stream analysis technology. Maztermind tracks customer actions for e-businesses, then uses this information to target an individual's needs and shopping habits. Maztermind also generates a single customer profile that is revised each time a user visits a FatSplash client's Website.

The Maztermind technology tracks each customer's clicks in a Website and determines the shopping cart value and time of each click. It then generates a unique record for each customer. Customers are asked to submit their name and email address, but this information is not essential. Maztermind is based on Java servlets and Decision Support Servers (DSS).

Find out more about FatSplash's CRM services: Schlumberger demos smart cards with CardletsDevelopers with Cyberflex Access SDK2 can now evaluate the capabilities of Schlumberger's Cyberflex Access Java-based smart cards by downloading Cardlet, a Java applet. The Cardlet loads onto the Cyberflex Access smart card, which allows developers to see how a Cardlet behaves on the Smart Card. The demonstration involves a fictional credit union, dubbed Butterfly, which is offering customers Butterfly Bucks.

Find out more about the Cardlet demo:

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