Major NSW Electricity supplier can not categorically guarantee 2000 compliance

The supplier of 40 per cent of NSW's electricity requirements maintains that it cannot 'categorically guarantee' its systems will be ready for the millennium bug.

Macquarie Generation - which also supplies electricity services to large areas along Australia's East coast - said it has just successfully completed a round of Y2K simulation testing on one of four generators housed at its Liddell Power Station site.

The Unit 3 generator was brought 'offline' in July - along with a second generator that was shut down for routine maintenance - to allow Macquarie Generation staff members to conduct the testing on an operational, but unconnected, generator.

According to Jim Divine, the organisation's manager of community and external relations, the simulation testing was a resounding success, but he said the company is still unable to guarantee the uninterrupted supply of power to its constituents after the turn of the century.

"We can't guarantee electricity supply, no one's doing that. There's too many things that can emerge over the next twelve months.

"No one is in a position to make a promise as a categorical statement," Divine said. While we're endeavouring to ensure that every component of our business, particularly from the supplier point of view, is covered - and we're progressing well - we're certainly not in a position to make a categorical guarantee. We'd like to, but the legal position you could open yourself up to in the event of unforeseen circumstances, simply works against that."

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