Telcos may hinder VPN strategy: 3Com exec

3Com is busy ramping up its VPN strategy, but concedes telecommunications carriers are the chink in its armour.

Doug Sherman, senior marketing manager for 3Com's enterprise systems business unit, conceded the reality of the international carriers' ability to cater for technology such as VPNs is considered uncertain.

Sherman agreed with Computerworld suggestions that VPN technologies such as the company's IP telephony efforts and core IP switches will only be effective with efficient backbone support from the carriers.

"Nobody is publicising exactly what they can do," he said of the carriers. "The product availability is going to force the Telstras to open up and see what they can do."

Sherman said 3Com is undertaking a broad push to help users to implement policy-based networks and "next generation applications" such as IP telephony and IP switches.

"The killer app for VPN technology is business-to-business," he said.

As a result, he said, the company is committed to acquiring a host of small technology companies this year. Sherman said 3Com is determined to offer users "zero administration" products and "99.999 per cent" networking reliability.

3Com recently announced partnerships with Microsoft and Siemens, strategies he claims will contribute to the company's ability to meet these goals.

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