Senate report updates Y2K readiness

The US is likely to experience "a bump in the road" as a result of the year 2000 computer problem, but other nations remain especially at risk for economic turmoil and civil unrest, according to a report outlined yesterday by members of a US Senate committee created to track preparedness.

"We do not expect that this country will be crippled to the point that there will be disastrous consequences for a long time," said Senator Robert Bennett, chairman of the Senate Committee on the Year 2000 Technical Problem.

However, the committee has identified three areas of ongoing concern: the US health care system overall is not prepared and could be particularly hampered because 80 percent of all ingredients for pharmaceuticals come from non-US sources; some government agencies are not ready; and internationally, some regions are viewed as vulnerable.

South America, Latin America, Africa and Asia in particular could experience economic turmoil as a result of the year 2000 computer problem, committee members said.

The Senate Special Committee on the Year 2000 Technology Problem can be reached at

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