SVOA Aims To Bounce Back

BANGKOK (01/26/2000) - Sahaviriya OA Public Co., Ltd (SVOA) recently announced its plans to reclaim the leadership of the local IT market. The company also vowed to improve the quality of products on offer, while aiming to raise its after-sales service to international standards.

"Our goal is to once again become the IT business leader. In order to achieve this goal, SVOA is fully committed to providing quality hardware and excellent after-sales service," said Jack Min Intanate, SVOA's chief executive officer.

SVOA also plans to implement an e-commerce strategy.

"We want SVOA to become the predominant name when businesses are considering their procurements for IT solutions. To ensure our structure is healthy, we are developing operations that will support both business-to-business and business-to-consumer e-commerce. We will also act as the exclusive distribution partner for a variety of international hardware suppliers," he added.

The company will remain under the leadership of chairman of the board Thienchai Srivichit and executive chairman and chief executive officer Jack Min Intanate.

SVOA's front office will be made up of an IT Distribution Strategic Business Unit (ITSBU), a Systems Integration Strategic Business Unit (SISBU), an IT Project Strategic Business Unit (ITPSBU), and an IT Superstore division.

These sales-orientated units will be overseen by president and chief operating officer (COO) Vira Intanate (ITSBU), president and COO Adisorn Kaewbucha and vice president Ratchaporn Tancharen (SISBU), executive director Krit Kulsuppaisarn (ITPSBU) and president and COO Ekachai Sirijirapatana.

The back office comprises supporting divisions including the Chairman's Office, Human Resources and Public Relations as well as the company's Finance and Accounting unit.

SVOA's restructuring plan has now been officially approved by its creditors and the company is targeting sales revenue of 4.05 billion baht (US$108.6 million) for 2000. The company is also projecting minimum growth of 12 percent to 15 percent over the next five years.

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