Patch cord system cuts tangles

A network manager's spaghetti nightmare of tangled cables has finally been solved with the introduction of a simple, yet revolutionary patch cord rack system from Krone.

Combining three-metre, adjustable-length, retractable copper patch cords, a patch panel and wire management components into a single unit, Krone's PremisNet Retract-A-Patch provides an alternative to patch cord racks.

According to Bob Fitzgerald, joint general manager of Krone Australia, customers operating large networks -- such as banks, universities and institutions -- will benefit from the system. "It's not for everybody," Fitzgerald said.

"It's for the bigger sites, the more quality-oriented networking people who are really looking at their infrastructure as part of their IT future," he said.

"It's a very niche product.

"It offers some advantages. It's actually much more expensive . . . than a standard one, but you save the money in the operating costs, and possibly your downtime and recovery time are going to be the way you can show the benefits."

Fitzgerald said smaller users would probably be less interested in the system, because they are not faced with the same operating cost issues as larger organisations.

"I think people will look with some curiosity in the beginning . . . We would hope we can convince some people it can solve their spaghetti problem," Fitzgerald said. According to Fitzgerald, Krone has patented the concept and is currently working on a fibre version, which should be available by the end of the year.

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