Intel's monthly online sales hit $1b

Forty per cent of Intel's business is conducted electronically, a local Intel executive has told Computerworld.

This equates to $US1 billion in revenues a month, Keith Holtham, architecture manager for Intel Asia Pacific, said.

According to Holtham, Intel only launched its e-commerce initiative in June 1998. In a 90-day pilot program involving 30 countries across the Asia Pacific, the Americas and Europe, the company reached its revenue target in just 15 days, Holtham said.

Holtham said this indicates that there is a definite demand of electronic transactions.

"It told us that [for companies] there is a demand to do business with Intel [electronically] and therefore demand must exist outside Intel," Holtham said.

"There is a pent -up demand of e-commerce."

According to Holtham, bandwidth issues and return on investment (ROI) concerns are proving barriers for e-commerce deployment.

"Bandwidth scalability is an issue," Holtham said.

Ensuring countries have the infrastructure and capabilities in place to support Internet traffic is important, he said.

"We are fortunate here in Australia. Australia has the available bandwidth and capabilities to do e-commerce."

Holtham also said organisations are too busy thinking about ROI.

"Organisations . . . are not getting out there and taking advantage of technology that's out there today."

Holtham said by deploying e-commerce initiatives, companies will be able to focus on customer satisfaction issues and value-adds.

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