Course aims practical e-commerce at senior execs

GeoTrain last week announced a series of courses designed to help business executives learn how to make their companies successful in the fast-moving world of the Internet and electronic commerce.

Although heightened public awareness of the Internet has encouraged many executives to begin exploring its potential, they have not had a source of clear, unbiased information from which to learn about e-commerce and other important Internet developments, according to GeoTrain officials. GeoTrain's sales coaching solutions training courses change that by educating executives about the Net and e-commerce in business language with which they are familiar, officials said.

Courses include Internet for senior management, Internet sales opportunities, introduction to data security, and Internet technical overview. Except for the Internet technical overview course, which requires some knowledge of data communications, no technical background is necessary.

"GeoTrain has a history of providing training solutions designed to deliver good results fast," says Ric Wilson, managing director, GeoTrain Australia.

"E-commerce vendors are flooding the market with flashy advertisements telling executives that e-commerce will pay off for them, and it's hard to turn around these days without seeing something related to the Internet.

"Executives are eager to make the most of the Internet, but nobody is telling them how. We are proud to be the first company to market with a series of courses that teach executives, in both management and sales roles, how e-commerce and the Internet work -- and more importantly, how these can work for their organisations."

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