Tripod Site Builder Keeps It Simple

SAN FRANCISCO (05/31/2000) - Not everyone feels the need to put their life story on the Web. But eventually, you'll probably want to create your own Web page, whether to share wedding pictures, or to let people know about your upcoming yard sale. The new Tripod Site Builder from Lycos Inc., a browser-based HTML editor, is an easy tool to help you get started.

You must sign up for a free Tripod account in order to use Site Builder. Then you can log in and simply click a link to launch the tool. Site Builder prompts you to choose a design from a series of template pages featuring attractive design that appears more playful than professional.

No Big Words

You'll notice quickly that the service is built for first-timers. The interface consists of straightforward, clearly marked icons, and Site Builder stays away from jargon.

Site Builder doesn't require you to download anything, which means you can get started quickly. But it also means you'll have to deal with a non-standard interface. You won't be able to drag and drop, as with a Windows application, or make changes by selecting choices from a menu bar.

Instead, you make changes using the row of icons that Site Builder places along the bottom of the screen. To move a paragraph, for instance, you click the "move" button. A set of checkboxes appears at each paragraph; you check the one next to the paragraph you'd like to move. You then click "continue," follow a similar set of steps to paste the paragraph on your page. You can also click to insert small applets, like a search engine or guest book.

Room to Upgrade

Site Builder is just one of the ways you can build pages at Tripod. A free PC-based version of Trellix Web is available to download. This version is faster to use, but a bit harder to learn.

Tripod also supports Office 2000 and FrontPage 2000, so if you use Site Builder to start your site, you can move onto more sophisticated tools later.

You won't break any speed records with Site Builder, but it's a simple tool that won't send you running to the help file. And if you have kids who want their own pages, Site Builder is a good way to help them break into the publishing world.

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