Qld Roads cruises on to Y2K second phase

The Queensland Department of Main Roads is expected to complete the first phase in its year 2000 project next week.

The department plans to devote the second half of the year to business continuity and the effect of long-term failure on business, Andrew Dahl, year 2000 project manager at the DMR, said.

According to Dahl, Main Roads has been using a year 2000 readiness application developed in partnership with Dialog Information Technology for the project.

Implemented in early February the system, which consists of a Lotus Notes database and automated workflow procedures, tracks Y2K readiness in three phases: inventory, certification and development of contingency plans.

Dahl said Main Roads has completed its inventory of individual products and services and has certified 70 per cent of products as Y2K compliant. The contingency planning phase will be completed by June 30.

The next phase of Main Roads' Y2K project will focus on multiple failures as opposed to individual product failures, he said.

"We are moving from the component level to the process level."

DMR plans to complete the business continuity phase by November 30.

In addition to deploying the application, Main Roads is also offering the system free to any other government departments and agencies.

According to Dahl, Queensland Transport is already using the system and has completed 70 per cent of the inventory phase.

Dahl said no other departments have expressed interest in the application to date.

Main Roads and Dialog Information Technology have considered making the application commercially available, but "we're in the business of making roads, not selling software", he said.

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