DSL technology around the corner

Digital subscriber line (DSL) access technologies are on the verge of becoming viable technologies for delivering large bandwidth to customers, according to a cable expert.

Colin Browitt, manager, industry development and standards liaison at cabling company Krone Australia, said xDSL technologies, in particular asymmetrical digital subscriber line (ASDL), will probably soon be ready for deployment.

However, Browitt said that before the technology can be offered to customers, cabling and standards requirements need to addressed.

According to Johanna Plante, CEO of the Australian Communications Industry Forum (ACIF), the organisation is currently working with industry members on several standards-based aspects of the technology which need formalising before vendors can deliver products.

Plante said ACIF's technical working committee and cabling reference committee are scoping out issues relating to xDSL compatibility with other DSL technologies, including ADSL and HDSL (high speed), as well as existing technologies, operational codes, provision faults, implementation requirements and equipment standards.

Plante said ACIF would be able to indicate a timeframe for availability of products, following an industry meeting on July 6.

"[xDSL] is a really important thing for the industry," Plante said. "We see there is a need to really drive it."

According to Browitt, the emergence of xDSL technology is one of the big issues facing the cabling industry and IT industry as a whole.

With the ability to provide large bandwidth over traditional telephone lines, users will be able to "squeeze more usage out of legacy equipment", Browitt said.

Meanwhile, the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) has given final approval to the G.Lite standard for DSL technology.

Meeting on Teusday in Geneva, the ITU formally ratified the standard under the designation G.992.2. Vendors and the ADSL Forum hailed the vote as significant and predicted that it would push DSL deployment.

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