The Bug Report

SAN MATEO (04/03/2000) - Microsoft Corp.: A C2 update for Windows NT 4.0 Service Pack 6a is needed if you want a C2-compliant system. It fixes the problem in which NetBT disallows unprivileged user-mode applications from sharing TCP and UDP (User Datagram Protocol) ports opened by NetBT. For Intel systems, get the update at

For Alpha, go to /winntsp/Patch/SP6a_C2/ALPHA/EN-US/Q244599a.exe.

Microsoft: If Windows 2000 Professional or Advanced Server is interacting with third-party Kerberos implementations, Microsoft officials say that when a realm is added, the Kerberos realm list may not be updated until the client is rebooted. Microsoft is testing a fix, which will be in a future service pack.

If you must get the fix right away, contact Microsoft Technical Support for this file 2/24/00 10:34 a 205,824 Kerberos.dll.

Novell Inc.: ZENworks 2 Support Pack 1 fixes the Application Launcher. It removes the constraint that was keeping Search and Replace from working beyond the first line in any Registry Value that is multistring. The support pack is in the file ZFD2SP1.EXE at

Red Hat Inc. has released a security patch for Red Hat Linux 5.2, 6.0, and 6.1.

It fixes a security hole in the nmh mail handling package that may allow someone to run arbitrary code via a specially constructed mime header. You can get the patch for your version of Linux and your platform (x86, Alpha, or Sparc) at

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