Stallion eases VPNs for low end

Stallion Technologies has created a Virtual Private Networking (VPN) platform that it claims allows easy to build alternatives to carrier-managed private IP bandwidth.

"Despite the rapid growth of Internet-based networking, the dominant vendors are building VPN equipment (switches, routers, concentrators) for carriers and service providers while ignoring the needs of most small to medium businesses," claimed Tony Merenda, Stallion's chief technology officer.

Stallion's new platform, called ePipe, uses its End to End Bonding (E2B) to provide scalable site to site IP bandwidth using any Internet connection tech-nology, including dial-up, without requiring intervention by an ISP.

The first suite of products built on this platform, the ePipe 2100 family of dial-up VPN and security gateways, is now available. Stallion has integrated Internet Protocol Security (IPSec) which includes strong packet authentication with the highest levels of encryption to deliver edge to edge IP at rates which scale up to 512Kbits/sec, using an arbitrary number of dial-up modem or ISDN connections. Most IP-based VPN solutions require a dedicated, high-speed Internet connection at each site as a conduit from one edge network, through the Internet, to another edge network.

"Managed VPNs and WANs place control at the carrier or ISP and often use proprietary methods. The SMB cannot install or maintain the networking equipment, adding a maintenance fee to the already high service charges and equipment costs," Merenda said. "In contrast, ePipe lets any organisation afford and easily deploy a site to site IP-VPN tailored to their own requirements, using existing and commonly available infrastructures with Internet security methods," he added.

The ePipe 2100 series initially comprises the ePipe 2148, offering an eight port 10BaseT hub and four serial ports; and the ePipe 2188, offering an eight-port 10BaseT hub and eight serial ports. Both are now available.

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