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Aspect Communications

Aspect Communications' Customer Relationship Portal blends telephone calls with e-mail, fax and Web contacts into a common queue of customer interaction; presents real-time e-CRM information to agent and manager desktops; and integrates all critical e-CRM resources - including front-office systems from vendors such as Siebel, Vantive and Clarify, back-office databases and telephony, e-mail, Web and WAP servers.

Implementation period: varies

Role of consultants: strategic planning, rapid implementation, customisation and optimisationPricing: on applicationContact: (02) 9923 5399, www.aspect.comBrio TechnologyBrio.Enterprise combines query, analysis and reporting into one solution. Key features include: query, analysis, and reporting capabilities for Web and client/server environments; push and pull server technology for automatic query processing and report distribution; and gives developers ability to build dynamic, customised analytic applications to capture intellectual capital and best practices.

Implementation period: from two days

Role of consultants: one required

Pricing: on application

Contact: (02) 9963 6600,

Call Time Solutions

The CRMtime service incorporates the core Enterprise Interaction Center (EIC) interaction management platform from Interactive Intelligence. EIC is an 'all-in-one' Windows NT-based interaction management platform. Contact centre agents view and respond to enquiries through all communication channels, including phone, fax, e-mail, Web chat and voicemail. EIC acts as a PABX, ACD, Interactive Voice Response (IVR) application, predictive dialler and a Web gateway, for a true multimedia contact centre solution. EIC also incorporates an e-mail response management system, the eFAQ.

Implementation period: two to four weeksRole of consultants: design and issue resolution, training, project management, implementation, integration, support, and developmentPricing: on applicationContact: 1300 134 252, Interactive Business ServicesConnect Interactive Business Services clients outsource their entire e-commerce and CRM operations. Connect Interactive can create and tailor CRM activities for its clients and collect and maintain detailed information on its clients' customers. Connect Interactive can communicate via Web, e-mail, phone, fax, IVR and post. Business services include targeting, collating, discovery, and maintenance across any contact point to give "very clear" customer profiles.

Pricing: on application

Contact: (02) 8218 8000, www.connect-ibs.comConvergent GroupConvergent Group's Digital UtilitySM comprises services and products that enable organisations (such as energy distribution utilities) to conduct one-stop business with their customers, partners and suppliers using Web-based tools. Through its e-CRM front end, the Digital Utility provides ready access to a utility's energy delivery information, through the integration of energy delivery, front office and back office enterprise resource planning (ERP) operations. Customers can gain direct, anytime access to services and information.

Implementation time and costs: varies

Role of consultants: Convergent Group engineers, builds and manages the Digital Utility transformationContact: (07) 3211 7722, www.convergentgroup.comDialog Information TechnologyInfinium CRM is an integrated Web-based customer relationship management solution for the AS/400. Infinium CRM integrates with AS/400-based ERP systems such as Infinium, SAP, JD Edwards and SSA.

Infinium CRM connects core applications with up-to-date information generated by diverse, often dissociated departments (such as field operations and marketing) to provide a complete information system through a single portal.

The solution handles business processes ranging from campaign management to sales force automation, complaints management and contact management.

Pricing: on application

Contact: 1800 358 447, or www.infinium.comEdifyElectronic Workforce (EWF) supports the creation and management of customer self-service solutions. Dynamic page generation allows Web-based target marketing and selling efforts based on each customer's needs. EWF enables and maintains interactive Web sessions, handles logon security, manages time outs, controls the sequence of Web page delivery, maintains user priority, dynamically allocates resources and tracks session statistics. EWF comes with Workforce Objects, which give developers preprogrammed communication, information access, and workflow capabilities.

Consulting, implementation times and costs: assessed for each projectContact: (02) 9238 6862, www.edify.comeGain Communications The eGain CommerceT platform integrates with existing enterprise systems, call centres, e-commerce platforms, front office and back office applications.Components include: Commerce 2000 Platform Mail - e-mail customer service solution; Live - for real-time Web collaboration; Campaign - for outbound, one-to-one marketing; Assistant - an application server with a natural language interface; Inform - offers direct online access to personal and company information; and Voice - for voice communications.

Implementation period: between one to six weeks Pricing: from $3500 a month for eGain's Hosted Advantage or $55,000 for a licensed solution.

Contact: (02) 9492 5400,


The E.piphany E.5 system includes Enterprise Insight, Campaign Management, Real-Time Personalisation, Service Portal, Service Centre and Connected Sales. E.piphany Personalised Marketing provides customer integration across all communication channels - the Web, telephone, e-mail, fax, direct mail, online chat and call centres. Web-based from the ground up, E.piphany E.5 is designed to handle more than one hundred million customer records and billions of transactions.

Businesses can purchase the complete set of the E.piphany E.5 system or select individual applications.

Implementation period: from 16 week

Role of consultants: training, selection, implementationPricing: on application.

Contact: (03) 9017 8000/(02) 9957 5999, www.epiphany.comEpicore-CRM is an integrated customer relationship management suite of sales force automation, marketing, customer service and support, financial accounting and help desk applications. E-CRM is part of Epicor's eFrontOffice, which with eBackOffice, ePorta, eCommerce Suite and eIntelligence, forms a line-up of solutions for mid-market organisations seeking to take commercial advantage of the Internet.

Implementation period: varies

Role of consultants: analysis, design, configuration, integration, programming and project managementPricing: on applicationContact: 1800 033 857, www.epicor.comFrontRange SolutionsGoldMine Everywhere Server is a suite of Web-enabled e-CRM products designed to support GoldMine FrontOffice 2000 CRM software.

Implementation period: for a medium-sized company is 12 to 18 days for analysis, set-up, customisation and trainingPricing: Everywhere Server $4995, sales and marketing licences start at $795, service and support licences start at $1495 per user, The Everywhere Thin Client component is $345 per user, annual maintenance contracts are available at 20 per cent of licence cost, professional consulting services are $1500 a dayRole of consultants: advise on appropriate software mix, business re-engineering and training Contact: 1800 130 031, www.frontrange.comGenesys Laboratories The Genesys Internet Suite includes Genesys E-Mail, Genesys Web Call Back, Genesys Chat, Genesys Web Call Through, and Genesys Co-Browsing. A Web user can communicate by e-mail, chat, or Web call through Voice over IP (VoIP). The Genesys Internet Suite features telephony integration, business routing, screen pop, third-party application integration and real-time and historical reporting.

Pricing: on application

Contact: (02) 9463 8500, www.genesyslab.comGood Business TechnologyThe Australian-designed Integrated Customer Management (InCoMe) System delivers advanced functionality, user-friendliness and a high level of integration.

InCoMe focuses on customer information management, customer contact management, club management, customer loyalty, direct marketing, production and management of gift certificates, gift registers, and market research. An e-CRM version of InCoMe is available as 'Net-Income'.

Indicative cost: between $10,000 and $50,000Contact: (02) 9231 5870, TechnologyGT-X integrates a company's back-end systems by allowing them to build and then deploy a centrally held process on every available digital channel, including call centre, WAP, Web, Java device, EPOC and iTV.

Implementation period: for major companies with mature legacy systems in place it would take about three to four months to deployIndicative cost: variesRole of consultants: a standard project would require a team of about four to six staffContact: (02) 9666 9077, www.gtnet.comGreat PlainsGreat Plains Siebel Front Office (GPSFO) has extensive Web functionality. eCustomer combines e-commerce sales and customer self-service over the Internet with a personalised Web-based storefront providing product data, marketing collateral and a product configurator. eCustomer also provides a Web-based database, e-mail support, a real-time messenger and will support VOIP.

Implementation period: ranges from three to four weeks for simple implementation to four to six months for the average organisationRole of consultants: conduct design workshops, training, and assist project managers and customer consultants to ensure quality standardsPricing: GPSFO is available in a modular structure. eCustomer is $37,950 for the first three concurrent users; and $9460 (inc GST) for each additional userContact: 1800 624 449, www.greatplains.comHyperion SolutionsThe Hyperion e-CRM Analysis Suite runs on the Hyperion OLAP (online analytical processing) Server, allowing users to "drill-down" into organisational data to analyse and forecast trends, sales and revenues. Hyperion e-CRM Analysis complements operational e-CRM systems with analytic applications that use data from an organisation's multiple channels, including e-CRM, e-commerce, ERP, marketing automation and telephony systems. Features include business process support, best-practice metrics, performance management models and analytical views.

Implementation period: Hyperion Customer Interaction Center - 30 to 45 days. Hyperion Web Site Analysis - 25 to 40 days Indicative cost: Hyperion Customer Interaction Center starts at $250,000. Hyperion Web Site Analysis starts at $100,000Role of consultants: system requirements, training, application design, build phase, project management, testing and rollout supportContact: (03) 9281 3717, www.hyperion.comI-Case International M-CRM is a Web-enabled CRM and Sales Management module of TaskTimer. M-CRM integrates with the Project Controller module of TaskTimer and can be accessed via desktop PCs and from remote locations by WAP phone, Internet and PDAs.

M-CRM maintains information on success factors, competitor successes, tenders, status of sales progress, and customer loyalty. Users are able to locate information using available tabs for Actions, Dialogue, Contact Persons, Marketing, Projects, Groups, Suppliers, Clients, and Line of Business. The TaskTimer suite integrates with Microsoft Outlook and Lotus Notes.

Pricing: single user (under $1000), multi-user price based on volumeContact: (02) 9267 8777, joint venture of Rockwell Electronic Commerce, Compaq Computer Australia and Intel, I.Centricity is a customer contact solution in one rack, fully integrating all the hardware, software and consulting needed to enable contact via telephone, e-mail, Internet, text-chat, voice-over IP, and video.

The rack-mounted solution is based on Compaq servers, using Intel processors, computer telephony and network cards; and the Rockwell Electronic Commerce platform and applications.

I.Centricity can scale from six to as many as 150 seats. It integrates with open platforms, such as NT, and complements solutions from leading CRM vendors.

Implementation period: can be less than two weeksIndicative cost: variesContact: Compaq, 13 2393,, (02) 9959 1888, Systems The InterAction CRM system provides a solution for services-based organisations looking to automate the CRM function. Integration with Outlook, Word, Notes, CTI, PDAs and other popular devices/packages enables access to customer data from almost any application. A Web interface provides remote access to key corporate CRM data, and the system supports fully distributed installations with database synchronisation.

Implementation period: less than three monthsIndicative cost: typically $45,000 for a 50-user systemRole of consultants: define requirements, design optional fields and folder structureContact: (02) 9223 9299, provides e-CRM capabilities as part of its integrated enterprise application, Movex. Intentia's e-CRM capabilities support both business-to-business and business-to-consumer scenarios, featuring marketing support and online sales of goods and services, as well as customer behaviour analysis at the Web site.

Movex e-CRM components include: Web Shop B2B, for direct sales between B2B partners over the Internet; Web Shop B2C, focused entirely on fulfilling functionality requirements for B2C trade over the Internet; Marketing Web site personalisation customers registation, and user profile created on; Service & Support for order tracking, delivery tracking and instant messaging.

Implementation period: ranges from four to 12 monthsIndicative cost: $5000 per userRole of consultants: Intentia has a sales and implementation partnership with IBM GSAContact: (02) 8437 5601, www.intentia.comInteract Commerce Corporation Interact Commerce Corporation products create interactive selling networks that connect all aspects of the selling process, including mobile and internal sales, e-commerce channels, marketing, support, and supply-chain participants. Product lines include the ACT! 2000, a contact manager tool, and SalesLogix2000, an integrated e-CRM suite with functionality with sales, marketing support and e-commerce features.

Implementation period: average is between two weeks and six weeks.

Indicative cost: starts at $US495/user. Adding modules such as advanced sales solution or support module increases price to $US1605/user, $US3995 for the serverRole of consultants: business partners customise, integrate and implement the product. Where required SalesLogix assists business partners with direct support.

Contact: 1800 176 193, www.interactcommerce.comJohn Neller & AssociatesActionware/400 is a native AS/400 contact management system. The Activity Manager and Notes facility make the system ideal for use in all CRM functions including telesales and telemarketing campaigns, lead tracking, complaints handling and credit management. It is a call centre solution, interfacing by hot-keys into JDE, BPCS, IMAS, IDS/400, MAPICS JBA, PRMS and others, and has a full-function CTI interface into DynaRep and LiveTouch from Line4 Australia ( Links with Microsoft Word for all word processing.

Implementation: if the ERP system has been implemented, adding ActionWare 400 can in most cases be accomplished within two to three weeks. For larger implementations a 'train-the-trainer' approach is used, and even those can go into rollout inside a month.

Indicative cost: The database design, initial training, interfacing and implementation consulting cost is usually inside the range of $5000 to $15,000. Software licence fee for five concurrent users with Interface Toolkit from $12,000; 15 users with Interface Toolkit, GUI and Microsoft Word interface is $30,875, and 50 concurrent users with the same options is $68,500. The system is priced using a base model and a range of optional modules. Annual licence fees are 15 per cent of the initial licence fee.

Role of consultants: external consultants are rarely required. Training and database design is usually undertaken by our own staff and interface programs are written by one of our IBM Business Partners.

Contact: (03) 5599 5303, www.actionware.comMultiactive SoftwareEntice! Account Manager manages customer information from the Web and other channels, and offers features for tracking and analysing Web site trends and customer behaviour. Entice! Customer Profiler enables Web site experience customisation, to suit individual customer preferences. Users can plan and execute e-mail and offline marketing campaigns, and measure effectiveness with real-time reporting and analysis.

Maximizer Enterprise 2000 includes tools to identify sales leads, manage customer acquisition, administer sales and customer service, profile customers, manage team selling and marketing campaigns. Opportunity Manager is a forecasting tool to calculate the value of potential customers and manage activities to convert leads to sales.

Implementation period: from 10 days for the base installation to 35 days for all modules. Data conversion, integration and process re-engineering are additional services.

Indicative cost: from $50,000 to $500,000Role of consultants: needs analysis, process analysis, project management, technical installation, training, customisation and integrationPricing: on applicationContact: 1800 800 610, NCR Relationship Optimizer e-CRM suite consists of four modules:

* Analysis Manager provides easy access to customer data and ability to quickly create visual profiles of specific customer segments;* Event Manager helps businesses recognise customer events, including both significant events based on historical data or real-time events; * Communication Manager ensures communications to the consumer are properly timed and relevant; * Interaction Manager, integrates customer activity across multiple interaction channels through the personalisation of inbound and outbound communications.

Implementation period: when a company approaches NCR for its CRM solution, NCR initiates a 90-day Right Start plan. Steps include taking the existing data the company may want analysed (such as billing information, and pulling it into a centralised system; meeting with key business and technology decision makers to discover what the CRM and business needs are; workshops to determine the plan of attack and prioritise business benefits from the solution; and developing a set of objectives for the deliverables at end of the 90-day period.

Indicative cost: from around $250,000

Contact: (02) 9964 8218,

Onyx Software

Onyx merges traditional CRM with e-CRM capabilities to give a company the ability to market, sell and service customers online, as well as offline.

Onyx Front Office consolidates critical relationship information across all products and channels. Businesses can share sales, marketing and service data and track the overall health of their company.

Role of consultants: Onyx works with SI partners, but an Onyx consultant always manages the overall implementation to customise the technology to match the customers' objectives Indicative cost: on applicationImplementation time: six to eight weeksContact: (02) 9409 4300, www.onyx.comOracle The E-Business suite 11i, portfolio consists of software for sales, marketing, call centre, and customer service functions, as well as the e-commerce-based activities related to each of these functions. E-Business suite 11i integrates with a customer's full suite of back-office applications.

Implementation period: immediate, if a customer chooses to use they log-on to If a company chooses to install Oracle CRM applications using CD-ROMs, they can be a fully operational e-business within 60 daysRole of consultants: by choosing OracleSalesOnline or renting from an ASP, there is less implementation time involved, and therefore limited or no consultant time expended. When customers wish to run the applications from their own offices, Oracle has its own team to assist in helping implement the solutions. Oracle also works closely with all major implementation partners Indicative cost: on applicationContact: 1300 657 226, TechnologyMaximizer Enterprise incorporates contact and account management with opportunity management, e-mail, scheduling, territory management, data analysis and reporting, marketing encyclopedia, team selling support, Internet tools, and remote data synchronisation. Advanced group security features allow the database administrator to determine how much information users can see, right down to the field level. Maximizer Enterprise is fully networkable and scalable for larger organisations.

Maximizer Enterprise for Notes is a modular CRM application designed for the Web.

Indicative cost: starts at $1000 per userContact: (02) 9550 6204, www.maximizerenterprise.comPeopleSoftVantive is architected to run with PeopleSoft applications and integrate with any other ERP or legacy system. Vantive is scalable and Internet-enabled and includes embedded customer analytics to enable a business to measure its customer profitability.

PeopleSoft's e-business applications combine customer information (CRM), transactional data (ERP) and business intelligence. CRM applications in the Vantive range include eService, eHelpdesk, eFieldService and eSales.

Indicative cost: on application

Role of consultants: identify critical customer issues, planning, testing and coordinating activitiesImplementation period: about 75 days to implement a module of VantiveContact: (02) 9413 0000, www.peoplesoft.comPeppers & Rogers GroupThe Peppers & Rogers Group portfolio includes consulting services, designed to increase customer loyalty and satisfaction, while increasing profitability. Consulting projects are supported by educational programs that create awareness, research studies that establish benchmarking and metrics, keynote presentations that inspire and motivate, as well as custom publishing and media that help companies get closer to customers.

Fees: on application

Contact: (02) 9955 4121, http://www.1to1.comPoint E-point e-CRM software supports contact centres, direct sales, partners and self-service channels. Customers gain access by voice, Web, chat, e-mail, fax, face-to-face, WAP and PDA devices. All components sit around a central CRM Hub based on Point's thin-client, n-tier architecture.

Implementation period: varies

Indicative cost: about $4500 per seat (inc GST)Contact: (02) 9957 4860, www.pointaustralia.comRecognition SystemsProtagona delivers integrated campaign management consistently across all channels, including the Web, call centres, direct sales, and traditional direct marketing communications.

Role of consultants: project management, business consulting, implementationIndicative cost: upon applicationContact: (02) 9959 2408,

Scopeland Software

According to Scopeland, its CRM solution system evolves with business requirements by allowing new functionalities to be continually added "on the fly". By configuring meta data instead of programming, Scopeland drafts and evolves complex, customer-specific database applications for both client/server and thin-client implementations.

Implementation period: with an existing RDBMS, two weeksIndicative cost: $25,000Role of consultants: to complete this implementation, one internal DBA, or equivalent, can be trained to enable them to quickly develop their own solution. End users can modify and customise their own interfacesContact: (02) 9954 9477, SoftwareA key part of Seagate Software's CRM solutions is the Customer Profiling application, used to perform comprehensive customer analysis and reporting. It can help clients target the most appropriate audience, analyse promotion performance, determine the least and most profitable customers, pinpoint customers who are likely to defect, categorise customers for direct marketing initiatives and improve overall business performance. The Customer Profiling application must be used in conjunction with Holos. Customers who also have Crystal Info will be able to create favourite cubes, publish them to Info, and display them in the Info desktop.

Implementation period: from a week to a monthIndicative cost: about $150,000 including application template and consultingContact: (02) 9955 4088, www.seagatesoftware.comSiebel SystemsSiebel eBusiness Applications provide an integrated family of e-business applications for managing all customer touchpoints including Internet applications, call centres, field sales and service, marketing as well as over ten industry specific applications covering financial services, communications, utilities, public sector, general commercial. Siebel eBusiness Applications provide the only integrated family of e-business applications for managing all customer touchpoints including: Internet applications, call centre, field sales and service, marketing, channel partners.

Indicative cost: on application

Contact: (02) 9012 3100,

SpeechWorks International

SpeechWorks 6 is software for building secure over-the-telephone speech recognition services in more than a dozen languages. The suite includes the SmartRecognizer speech recognition engine that processes callers' spoken commands and ascribes meaning to them. Its features include self-learning for increased accuracy, natural language, speaker and language independence and barge-in.

DialogModules is a pre-packaged component bundles common tasks, like capturing an account number, a date or a 'yes/no' response.

Natural Language Tools is an integrated, graphical toolkit, which lets developers monitor speech service performance and implement required adjustments.

Pricing: $US750 to $US1500/port

Contact: (02) 9375 2428, www.speechworks.comStayinFront StayinFront CRM solutions include Visual Elk, the company's flagship CRM software; Panorama, a data analysis and decision support tool; Web Works, a Web-enabled CRM solution; WAP for Web Works, providing access via mobile phones, pagers, and other hand-held devices; Elk Traveler for Palm organisers; and Pocket Elk, a CRM system for Windows CE based devices.

Pricing: on application

Contact: 1800 855 276, www.stayinfront.comTivoli SystemsThe Tivoli Service Desk suite consists of three integrated, knowledge-based applications.

Tivoli Problem Management provides interaction and request management; problem resolution; integration with network and systems platforms; and tools for end-user use. Tivoli Change Management gives control over the process involved in making any alterations to the IT infrastructure. Tivoli Asset Management works as a complementary solution with asset discovery tools from other software vendors to offer a "collaborative" view of assets.

Implementation period: relative to client requirements Indicative cost: from $50,000Role of consultants: implementations via the Tivoli Services team, and business partnersPricing: on applicationContact: 13 2426, www.tivoli.comUnisys Unisys' services include customer interaction strategy, channel strategy and operational consulting, systems integration, technical architecture services and outsourcing for enterprise CRM and contact centre domains. Strategic partners include Nortel Networks (call centre software/hardware and Periphonics IVR), Siebel (CRM, including field service, call centre and sales force automation), Aspect Communications (customer relationship portal software), Peregrine (service desk, asset management and knowledge base software), and Cisco GeoTel and Alcatel Genesys (CTI).

Implementation period: varies

Indicative cost: dependent on scope

Role of consultants: develop customer interaction models and channel strategies, systems integration, operational optimisation consultancy performed by business consultants with operational call centre backgroundsContact: 1300 655 640, Wilke/Thornton offers solutions for one-to-one relationship marketing and management. CRS Anywhere is a browser-based consumer affairs system with advanced features including a full complement of e-consumer affairs tools, consumer and household profiling, workflow, escalation, knowledge base, scripting and business intelligence reporting.

Access the same features with Cyber CRS via the Internet. Wilke Thornton will maintain the software, house the data, perform backups and maintain security.

Pricing: on application

Implementation period: four to six weeksIndicative cost: can be charged per transaction (ASP solution - from $15,000 per year) or by number of users (from $3000 per user)Role of consultants: advise on the preferred optionsContact: (03) 9841 5222,

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