SAP closes unauthorised training centre

SAP successfully halted an unauthorised training centre last week in a Federal Court case settlement.

The training centre, run by Frontier Tech Pty Ltd, came to the attention of Nigel Hutchinson, SAP's legal advisor, through anonymous tip-offs from members of Sydney's Indian community.

"Advertisements had appeared in the Indian Post and Indian language radio by Frontier Tech who were purporting to be Infotech Global Inc, although no such company exists in this country," Hutchinson said.

The informants grew suspicious when Frontier could offer no certification that SAP approved of the course. Additionally, "the money asked for the course was outrageous", Hutchinson said.

SAP sought an injunction against the company under the Trade Practices Act and the Copyright Act, along with the only director and shareholder, Nagakumar Chadalavada.

"This is one of the few instances where SAP has proceeded to court action," Hutchinson said.

"A lot of companies have been leveraging the name SAP in the past 18 months," he said.

"SAP has put time and effort into abolishing this practice to avoid confusion in the market place and to protect the SAP brand."

The Federal Court granted the interim injunction preventing the company and Chadalavada from continuing operations, agreed and complied with by Chadalavada.

Chadalavada must now deliver in an affidavit the name and address of the source of the infringing products.

SAP will take action within this jurisdiction.

"I have been involved in similar actions in India, where this sort of thing is reasonably prevalent," Hutchinson said.

"This issue has formerly been confined to the Indian sub-continent, and in isolated cases in other South-East Asian countries," said Hutchinson.

"However, this is the first time it's raised its head in Australia," he said.

Although Hutchinson believes Frontier Tech has not been trading for long, he is concerned that "graduates" are representing that they are certified SAP consultants but are not necessarily up to date on product knowledge.

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