Star Power

Are you tired of singing in the stairwell, hoping that some passerby may be a talent scout? Weary of waiting to be discovered by Vogue? Well take heart, now there's a faster way to stardom. A new Web site offers hope to anyone whose brilliant career has had to take a back seat to the realities of a day job. elevates a different person to celebrity status each day by splashing his or her picture and a short bio across its homepage. To achieve overnight success, aspiring stars simply e-mail the site their most dazzling photo and explain why, exactly, they want to be famous. Once they achieve their day in the cyber-sun, the site even lets them send and receive fan mail.

Of course, fame also has a dark side. "Sometimes fame brings big fortune," the site warns potential stars, "but other times it brings headaches." Just in case, that happens provides links to lawyers, bodyguards and plastic surgeons.

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