iPlanet finally makes it Down Under

Perhaps it's not such a small world after all.

More than three months after the US announcement of the Sun-Netscape Alliance and a week after the launch of the iPlanet product brand in the US, the "new" Sun-Netscape Alliance's brand was officially launched in Australia yesterday. Evidently, it takes a little longer for some names to make the odyssey across the Pacific.

A piggyback event to the presentation of iPlanet down under was the launch of the fiscal year for the Alliance.

"The official launch also reinforces the advantage of the unique offering of the Sun-Netscape Alliance," said Steve Furney-Howe, vice president of Sun-Netscape Alliance Asia Pacific.

"We combine the strengths of a network-centric technology company like Sun, the inventor of the Web, Netscape, with the audience-savvy of AOL," Furney-Howe claimed .

AOL purchased Netscape late last year for $US4.2 billion.

According to Furney-Howe, Australian companies are exceeding expectations in putting together the infrastructure to "dot.com" themselves.

"I see leadership in the Australia and New Zealand area in terms of implementation," Furney-Howe said.

The rosy tint doesn't stop there. According to Furney-Howe, Australia is also blitzing its sales and revenues targets, which have contributed to a healthy global revenue.

"Australia exceeded its revenue targets by over 110 per cent," he said.

"The Sun-Netscape Alliance has added 300 customers worldwide, including 40, first-time Alliance customers. Half the Fortune 100 runs on Alliance products," Furney-Howe said .

So, if iPlanet products are being used worldwide, one may well ask why the launch yesterday?

"We came up with a name. iPlanet is catchier than saying Sun-Netscape Alliance application products," Furney-Howe said.

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