Tivoli CEO calls for new enterprise management

Enterprise management has to adapt to a new world that includes electronic business, Tivoli Chairman and CEO Jan Lindelow said in a keynote address at the Enterprise Management Summit.

Network and systems managers have to keep their companies' internal infrastructure running while thinking in terms of the business itself, as more business is conducted electronically, he said.

"Perhaps we're not trying to scale Mt. Everest here, but the challenges we face are considerable," Lindelow said.

Managers can electronically monitor parts of their businesses in ways they couldn't before, via a growing number of end devices that have computers built into them - such as personal digital assistants or vending machines, he said. Another possibility is to have a chip monitoring an aircraft engine for problems that could tell ground crews about those problems automatically. And Lindelow noted that the city of Paris is embedding microchips into trees to monitor the trees' health.

All of these end devices can be managed, and Lindelow called on vendors and users to "create a management model for the era of pervasive computing."

Lindelow also said that vendors and users have to work together to develop a set of standards that let different management tools work together easily. "We have to realise that we're all in this together," Lindelow said.

Eventually, the management software industry should work something like the car industry, where a car maker uses tyres from several different manufacturers. For example, a framework like Tivoli could use tools from different management vendors. "Specialisation can be a good thing," Lindelow said.

Lindelow promised to work with partners, users and even competitors to collaborate on such standards. In particular, he wants users to tell Tivoli what they need to manage their e-business. "We don't know what our customers demand in applications management unless we get them involved from the beginning," he said.

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