IBM's messaging group rallies to standards cause

IBM will later this year and next will push to extend the deployment of its MQSeries software on numerous mobile, embedded, and wireless platforms, and to further the adoption of the Extensible Markup Language (XML).

Buttressing its overall Pervasive Computing initiative, IBM will deliver to device manufacturers and other developers toolkits for adding MQSeries messaging to such devices as handhelds, smart phones, and Java devices, according to Bill Reedy, vice president of transaction systems for the IBM software group.

The MQSeries line includes a base enterprise messaging platform, a message broker and rules engine (MQSeries Integrator), and a workflow version (MQSeries Workflow).

The company's recently announced MQSeries Everywhere, along with MQSeries Integrator message-routing software, help form the middleware layer uniting the Pervasive Computing scheme.

IBM is also pushing ahead with its vertical industry strategy, working with partners and industry groups to tailor MQSeries to such sectors as financial, according to Reedy.

IBM's vertical industry focus reflects the company's overall strategic commitment to the World Wide Web Consortium's XML.

Through its Industry Solutions Unit, the company is working with customers and industry groups to create standardised Document Type Definitions for business-to-business transactions and application communications, according to Reedy.

IBM, which later this year will ship the Version 2 upgrade of MQSeries Integrator, is readying further updates to the core MQSeries platform, including greater scalability, additional platform support, and greater ease-of-use in administration and set-up.

Overall, MQSeries license revenue has been steadily growing, racking-up triple-digit growth of late, according to Reedy.

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