Adobe Puts It All Together

SAN FRANCISCO (04/19/2000) - With Adobe Systems Inc.'s (800/833-6687, latest versions of Illustrator and GoLive, users will find that the company's applications have more in common than ever before.

Take the updated Web-authoring tool, GoLive 5.0. It includes Photoshop technology that allows users to automatically resize and optimize native Photoshop files within GoLive. What's more, GoLive, Illustrator 9.0, and the recently unveiled LiveMotion can share objects with one another. Clicking on an image in GoLive will automatically launch the Adobe application that created it. After you've edited the source file, it's automatically updated in GoLive.

Illustrator 9.0 shares features with other Adobe programs, including Photoshop.

Users can export files to Photoshop with intact, editable type layers.

Designers can use Photoshop and third-party filters on vector images, and the vectors remain editable.

Web Wonders The Illustrator upgrade includes Web-savvy features that users may recognize from other Adobe products. Illustrator 9.0 can export to Flash, GIF, JPEG, PNG, and SVG formats. Users of Adobe ImageReady will find that Illustrator 9.0 makes use of a Save For Web feature similar to the one in LiveMotion. This Web optimization tool allows users to see how changes in compression and optimization affect image quality.

GoLive 5.0 and Illustrator 9.0 add many other new features, including a few that designers have been requesting for some time.

For example, Illustrator 9.0 supports transparency. Designers can use effects including ghosted type, fades, and soft shadows. They can control feathering to soften transitions between foreground and background objects. In addition, users can turn any object into an opacity mask that controls how objects underneath it show through.

Common Code GoLive 5.0 includes new features such as a QuickTime editor for audio and video files that lets designers place QuickTime and Flash files on a timeline. GoLive is compatible with other forms of code, such as ASP, ColdFusion, and XML, because the program won't change code it hasn't created itself.

Taking a cue from Macromedia's highly extensible Dreamweaver HTML-editing program, GoLive 5.0 is extensible via a software development kit. GoLive 5.0 includes an integrated development environment for JavaScript that lets programmers customize features such as palettes, inspectors, and menu items.

GoLive 5.0 also supports the WebDAV standard, so designers can avoid overwriting each other's work.

Illustrator 9.0 is slated to ship during the second quarter of 2000. It will cost around $399, with upgrades priced at $149. CorelDraw and Macromedia FreeHand users can purchase Illustrator 9.0 for $249. Customers who bought Illustrator 8.0 after April 5, 2000, are eligible for a free upgrade. GoLive 5.0 is expected to ship in June 2000. At press time, Adobe hadn't set a price.

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