User groups join lobbying forces

Recognising the impact of broadband rollout on Internet growth, the Australian Telecommunications Users Group (ATUG)and the Internet Society of Australia (ISOC) have announced an agreement to draw on each other's resources whenlobbying government for a better deal.

When it comes to improving current regulations or informed debate, ATUG managing director Rosemary Sinclair said thattogether the organisations can muster a wealth of brainpower and industry experience.

"ATUG can draw on ISOC's expertise on the Internet and the technologies that drive it to supplement our knowledge inseeking a better outcome for users," she said.

Sinclair said that in the current telecommunications climate of uncertainty brought about by the "dot-gone" crisis, itwas crucial that the advances and price gains won in the boom period were not lost through this period ofconsolidation.

"This arrangement (with ISOC) is seen as crucial in taking the Australian telecommunications sector forward," shesaid.

ISOC executive director Tony Hill said broadband access to more companies is critical to future Internet growth andgetting businesses online, leading to a greater variety of goods and services over the Internet.

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