Baltimore shakeout will see Australian job losses

Baltimore Technologies is assessing staffing levels in the Asia-Pacific region as part of a global restructuring,with full details to be formally announced in August.

The company's Asia-Pacific managing director, John Palfreyman, said Australia is partially insulated from therestructure because it is in the company's most profitable region.

"I cannot provide any specifics until August about local ramifications, but I would have to be Nostradamus to saythere will be no staff cuts," Palfreyman said.

The Dublin-based security company said in a formal statement that its global restructuring effort will involve a"significant reduction in staffing".

Palfreyman said the Asia-Pacific focus will be to find a balance between profits and Baltimore's ongoing expansion inthe region. "We are still recruiting staff here and experiencing demand for products from the banking and financesector; the restructure will not affect local customers," he said.

In May the company laid off 250 staff worldwide, including five from the Asia-Pacific product development team.

Baltimore CEO Fran Rooney said details will be made available in August along with the company's second-quarterfinancial results. She pointed out that recent layoffs have saved the company $US19.9 million.

Revenue expectations of $22 million for the second quarter represent a 10.6 per cent decline compared with the sameperiod one year ago, when the company reported revenue of $24.6 million.

"All companies are feeling the pain in a tough technology sector but we haven't seen a significant fall in demand;there has been a change in buying patterns," Rooney said.

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