Committee tables Govt outsourcing report

The Finance and Public Administration References Committee has tabled its report into the Federal Government's IToutsourcing program after nine months of investigation.

The report makes 22 recommendations and calls on the Government to introduce greater planning, transparency andaccountability into IT outsourcing.

Both Labor and the Democrats said they supported the outsourcing initiative, but that it lacked effective planning andrecord-keeping.

Committee chairman Senator George Campbell said there were no records by which to evaluate outsourcing against policygoals.

"The committee found that planning, the most fundamental axiom of procurement on this scale, was inadequate for the task,"Senator Campbell said.

A key recommendation is for government agencies with IT outsourcing worth more than $10 million to hire a probity auditorand advisor to oversee the contract and to ensure details are made available for public scrutiny.

Government member of the committee Alan Eggleston said the outsourcing initiative had been a success.

He said the committee's report was outdated as many changes had already taken place after an independent review and anAuditor General's report in the past 12 months.

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