Come in Spinner

The game of two-up has become as symbolic of Anzac Day as dawn services, marching bands, beer and diggers. But according to Australia's IT Minister Senator Richard Alston "there will be no two-up played online" to celebrate this auspicious day.

In fact, a spokesman for the Minister made it clear "there will be no online gambling at all or any exceptions made for Anzac day".

What the federal government really means is that there will be no two-up online unless it is made available from an overseas provider; Australian gambling outfits are banned.

Despite Senator Alston's spokesman pointing out there will 'no exceptions' -- two-up is legal on Anzac Day in NSW and to engage in the game is considered a true act of patriotism.

All that is required is a spinner and plenty of mug punters. But be warned - rules for the game vary from pub to pub and this may also occur online.

Opposition IT spokeswoman Senator Kate Lundy said legally there is "nothing stopping overseas operators from offering two-up, there is nothing in the legislation to stop it".

The government's online gambling ban, she said, is not aimed at addressing serious gambling issues in Australia but to "score political points".

So punters wanting to celebrate Anzac Day in the future should be looking to the overseas gambling sites to share the spirit of patriotism because we won't be hearing "Come in Spinner" from Senator Alston.

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