Blazing Mawanella virus a protests against village fire

Security vendors are warning users of a new virus called Mawanella, which is based on visual basic script (VBS).

Antivirus vendor McAfee, which is a division of Network Associates, said the virus, named after a small town in Sri Lanka, appeared this week and is a protest against violence there.

The worm is related to the Homepage and Anna Kournikova worms and appears as an e-mail spreading itself thorugh the Microsoft Outlook address book.

A window pops up on the screen that depicts a burning house and the text reads: "Mawanella is one of Sri Lanka's Muslim Villages. This brutal incident happened here; two Muslim Mosques and 100 shops are burnt. I hat [sic] this incident. What about you? I can destroy your computer i didn't do that because I am a peace-loving citizen."

The worm is described as only medium risk because it is not destructive but could spread quickly as such mass e-mailers have the potential to overwhelm and crash corporate servers.

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