Porn virus rates second to LoveBug, but spreading fast

With the exception of the LoveBug, security analysts have rated the HomePage worm the fastest spreading virus ever to reach Australian shores with hundreds of companies infected in the past week.

A Trend Micro spokesperson said the virus was "more rampant in Australia than anywhere else" with more than 50 Australian companies detecting the HomePage worm in the first 24 hours of its arrival.

The virus is an attachment, HomePage.HTML.vbs, which replicates and sends itself to people listed in the Microsoft Outlook directory before redirecting victims to one of four pornography sites.

According to Baltimore Technologies business director, Alan Schaverien the LoveBug infected one in four e-mails, HomePage has infected one in 55 and Anna Kournikova infected one in 200.

"These new worms are fast movers, they are not easily detected and users are playing a waiting game by relying on their antivirus fixes being posted," he said.

Sophos antivirus said it had received a number of calls from users of the McAfee antivirus program claiming that the company's e-mail alerts were infected by the virus.

"We would like to reassure our customers that we did not send out a virus," the company said in a statement.

Meanwhile, a warning was posted on the Symantec Web site this week of a VBS.Hard.A@mm worm using Microsoft Outlook which tries to disguise itself as a virus warning from the company.

It arrives with an attachment named "" and a subject line "FW: Symantec AntiVirus Warning."

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