The Bug Report

Sun-Netscape Alliance: Netscape Enterprise Server 3.6 Service Pack 3 plugs two memory leaks. One of them was in the browse-tree functionality, and the other was a file descriptor leak. The Service Pack 3 fixes the bug where ssl-GatherData would return an incorrect value.

Novell: Users who install ZENworks 2 with workstation inventory on a NetWare 5 server may see this error message when they reboot the server: " unknown exception error: local host." As a fix, Novell says to add this line to SYS:\ETC\HOSTS: loopback lb local host # normal loopback address.

Microsoft: There is yet another year-2000 hot-fix for Windows NT servers and workstations for both 3.51 and 4.0. Microsoft has discovered that the Net user command does not work with the /times switch. Once you are in the year 2000, giving that command will trigger the error message: "An illegal day range has been supplied." There are different hot-fix locations for the different versions of NT 4.0 and 3.51, depending on what service packs are applied and if you are using Intel or Alpha chips. To find the hot-fix for your situation, see

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