Transmission commences on Davnet's upgraded Sydney net

Transmission has commenced on a large gigabit Ethernet metropolitan area network (MAN) in Sydney's CBD.

Telco carrier Davnet has rolled out the network for use by corporate clients across Sydney and Melbourne. The company says that linked with its Melbourne MAN, completed four to six weeks ago, this is the only IP-based gigabit network in the country.

Davnet CEO Stephen Moignard said the core network, built using Cisco equipment, links 50 Davnet wired buildings in addition to 140 other point-to-point links throughout the country.

He told Computerworld that 6000 corporate customers in Sydney and Melbourne are using the networks, which are linked via a trunk network to each other and Ethernet networks in Perth and Brisbane.

Services including packetised voice, internet data, point-to-point data, videoconferencing, and fax over IP will run over the net, he said.

The network has the capacity to transmit more than seven million pages per second, increasing capacity of the original network six to ten times, Moignard said.

Improved quality of service and guaranteed latency service levels for customers were the driving forces behind implementing Gigabit Ethernet switches, he said. "Gigabit Ethernet is much better quality than Ethernet."

Moignard added that Davnet will upgrade the MANs in Perth and Brisbane with Gigabit Ethernet technology as the need arises, and an identical network will be implemented in Hong Kong in the future.

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