Cyberterrorism risk increases

Cyberterrorism has leapt from the movie screen into real life with hackers backed by governments engaging in global information warfare.

This has left many countries exposed to attack according to Unisys e-security architecture Ajoy Ghosh who points out more than 90 per cent of Australia's major services such as airports, banks and electricity providers are under the custodianship of the private sector.

"This is why increased IT security standards are so important; only 25 per cent of Australian companies will meet full security compliance and standards in 2001," Ghosh said.

"Cyberterrorism is not James Bond, but it is the destruction of economic and social infrastructure."

Ghosh said a US Naval Intelligence Assessment listed Russia, China and India as rapidly developing capabilities for cyber warfare joining the US, France and Germany.

Identifying countries equipped for cyber warfare, the Federal Bureau of Investigations listed China, Indonesia, the UK and India.

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