National Y2K Coordination centre announced

The Federal Government will establish a National Coordination Centre to monitor year 2000 progress across the country, Senator Ian Campbell, parliamentary secretary to the Minister for Communications, Information Technology and the Arts announced yesterday.

Located at the Emergency Management Australia (EMA) offices in Canberra, the Y2K National Coordination Centre is a cooperative venture between the government and EMA. It will be the central repository for all year 2000 information collected by government coordination bodies in each capital city.

Georgia-Kate Schubert, media spokesperson from Senator Campbell's office said the main role of the National Coordination Centre will be to release national bulletins as they are warranted.

The first bulletin is scheduled to be released at 4am on January 1, when all states have experienced the date change, Schubert said.

According to Schubert, the National Coordination Centre and equivalent state centres will operate over the crucial new year period from December 31 and will continue until January 7, 2000.

It is expected the National Coordination Centre will operate continuously for the first 36 hours and then as needed, Schubert said.

"The centres will play a key role collecting and sharing information for government; local, national and international audiences," Senator Campbell said.

According to Campbell, reports from the National Coordination Centre will be posted on the htpp:// site and will be supplied to the United Nations International Y2K Cooperation Centre for posing on the global status watch Web site.

According to Schubert, the state-based centres will work with state emergency organisations such as the Fire Brigade and Police as well as representatives from the banking and finance, telecommunications and aviation industries. Reports will be filtered to the National Coordination Centre for national bulletins and may also be released in state bulletins, Schubert said.

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