Intel to drive open standards

Intel wants to be the premier supplier of building blocks for the Internet economy in much the same way it drove standardisation in the CPU market, a company executive has claimed.

Eric Fullerton, Intel's co-general manager for the network systems division said the company is aiming to be a facilitator of open standards in the Internet world, as well as provide infrastructure and implementation central to a business' Internet strategy.

The aim is to open up the Internet framework to establish APIs (application programming interfaces) so independent software providers can solve the business problems involved with the Internet, Fullerton said.

As the industry evolves, Fullerton said value added resellers and systems integrator will have an increasingly important role.

A direct sales approach which cuts out the middleman or value added reseller will not be a lucrative model, he said.

Businesses will want to work with local partners, rather than "big expensive sales forces" to solve problems, he predicted.

However, according to Fullerton, the channel is not yet ready to provide businesses with the right services.

"They need to team with the right vendors to get the right education," Fullerton said.

"I don't think they're ready. They need a lot of training, but we'll see a lot of opportunity for making money and servicing local business."

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